When I’m with You by Donna Hill

Posted by Mrs Giggles on August 9, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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When I'm with You by Donna Hill
When I’m with You by Donna Hill

Kimani, $6.50, ISBN 978-1-335-21670-0
Contemporary Romance, 2018

When I’m with You is an actual sequel to Surrender to Me. Yes, really – the story here is a continuation of the story of the same couple that showed up in the other book. If you have read that book, or my review of it at the very least, you may be thinking, “Wait, but shouldn’t Rafe Lawson and Avery Richards be having a happy ending after that book ended?”

Well, who knows. Maybe that book sold fifty billion copies and the author just has to write a sequel.

Here, those two are getting ready for the wedding day. Friends and family show up to go hey, sup, can we go now after filling up this page, yo thanks see ya. These two have great sex. They love one another. It’s awesome boresome all the way. Of course, the Twist eventually pops up after I nearly become comatose from the sugar overload. It’s Rafe’s previous girlfriend, whom he’d also loved! Now that she’s here, wanting him back, he’s a bit conflicted – well, enough to make sure that, while nothing dire like cheating happens, it’s enough to have Avery running the other direction while the paparazzi chase after them all.

Now, before you throw up your hands, let me say that I do like how the author treats this other woman with enough respect to keep Janae from being a cartoon ho like I know some authors would  do. I can empathize with Rafe’s conflicted feelings here, as I probably will be the same way should both Hugh Jackman and Chris Pratt show up to say that they can’t live without me.

Still, the whole story is kind of unnecessary – really unnecessary as the take home message here is, basically, Avery is the best bae. Hey, like I didn’t know since the previous book because, hello, she’s the romance heroine. The only reason to have this book exist is if Rafe and Avery didn’t end up together and that story somehow had to be told, or they decided to set up a threesome household with Janae just like that bloke who created Wonder Woman and that two women in his life. Since this is a romance novel, however, the ending is a forgone conclusion, so this book is utterly pointless. Seriously, who cares? I know they will get married since the moment I picked up the previous book, believe me – I know.

Buy this one if you think the author needs your money, or if you are a fan who is also a collector. Otherwise, meh; either way, life goes on brah.

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