About Us

Hot Sauce Reviews is conceived as a vanity expression site for us to express our thoughts on books, movies, music, TV, and everything else in pop culture that catch our fancy. We don’t have any lofty ambitions to better the world.

Fully independent!

We also don’t have any intentions to monetize the site by selling ads and such, and we certainly don’t care whether we are invited to the parties of the cool kids. Heaven knows, we pay out of our pockets for almost everything that gets reviewed here. Very occasionally, we get a free copy of a book to review, but that usually stops after the first review is posted. Hmm, wonder why.

We’ve never disagreed with anything we’ve said

Here is also where we probably should say lofty things about how we are real people giving our honest opinion, but come on, of course we are real people. Our reviews speak for ourselves pretty well, and the lack of ads on our website should be a dead giveaway that we don’t have any monetary or other agendas behind each review. Sure, we may go on a rant, express our own personal biases here and there, but if you don’t like these things, you may as well go read a book report rather than a review.

Wholly run by subject experts!

Are we qualified to be reviewers? Well, we pay for this space and we spend a lot of time maintaining this baby, which has been in existence since 1999 as a wholly independent website, so yeah, it’s our playground, so of course we are 100% qualified to use it to say whatever we want.

Oh, and comments are disabled. Not our fault… sort of!

Oh, and before you ask, comments are disabled here due to some freak accident in plugin installation that ended up turning off all comment function. We’re told that we need to scour through every individual post and manually switch on the comment function in each one. Since we have over 10,000 reviews and counting at the time we are writing this, well, we’re not going to do that and people will just have to email us their thoughts the good old-fashioned way.