To Touch the Stars by Sienna Black

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To Touch the Stars by Sienna Black
To Touch the Stars by Sienna Black

Liquid Silver Books, $4.99, ISBN 978-1-59578-320-2
Sci-fi Erotica, 2007

Sienna Black is not a well known author in M/M Romance but she should be, the few books I have read have amazed me in their quality and complexity of the characters and the worlds she creates. This new book To Touch the Stars from Liquid Silver Books is simply yet another example of her powers as a writer.

The air around him cooled as Talkirk moved away. Lucan wondered whether the man really put out heat or if he imagined it, just a trick of the mind. That too would take some testing. Investigating.

His thoughts centered in his cock again. He thumped his head gently against the wall where he leaned. He had lived twenty Cycles. He’d proved himself adept, controlled. He could ignore any distraction and yet one touch from this coarse man and he could hardly think for wanting.

The staff clattered to the floor, somewhere across the room. Glass rasped against wood, then Talkirk poured something liquid. “Sit.”

Lucan shook his head. “Do you always give orders?”

There was a pause. Utter silence from the big man. Lucan could hear the sounds of the cairn outside in the quiet. Then Talkirk moved, settling down in front of him. “I’m Talkirk,” he answered. “I don’t have to ask.”

Lucan grinned. Another battle for another day. He straightened off the wall. “Then where would you like me to sit?”

“Here. With me.”

Straight ahead. Lucan stepped forward. Two paces, three, then his toe caught a riser and he stumbled forward. He caught his weight on his hands and knees, sinking into a thick mattress.

Talkirk was half a breath away. Lucan heard him inhale. Felt the rumble before he heard it. His pulse kicked up, beating hard at the base of his throat. Talkirk exhaled, hot against his cheek and asked, “When were you going to tell me you were blind?”

Lucan, a blind pureblood from The Warren, an underground society, wanders out of the waste to pledge his support to Talkirk Cymren leader of those surface dwellers who live in The Cairn. The Talkirk likes men and makes sure when Lucan offers himself and his services that it means everything. There is an immediate sexual tension between the two warriors and the book hits it right off with a very hot sex scene. Their immediate connection though is not a bed of roses. Others like Delano, The Talkirks second in command, and Athel, The Talkirk’s favorite lover, understandably worry about Lucan’s motives and his loyalty.

The world building here is huge but is not overbearing. The characters are complex and the only bad part of this whole book is it’s short length and the lack of back story for each of these characters we are introduced to. Sienna even jokes about us someday knowing how Athel became The Talkirk’s lover. I know I wanted to hear that story too because none of these characters were written as throw-aways. They breath and have underlying and even conflicting motives at times.

The BDSM in this story is not in your face but the relationship dynamics are there though. The sex is raw and even the ménage à trois sex scenes are very masculine and the society is highly militaristic and warrior oriented so there is no overwhelmingly tender emotional drama in evidence here. You come away feeling at the end, they did not so much win the battle but simply survived long enough to face another day. I loved this!

Will Lucan realize his dreams? Will Talkirk live a long and healthy life with Lucan and Athel by his side? Will Delano, The Talkirk’s ex-lover and second in command, come to terms with this new ménage relationship?

I wanted more, I felt this book was far too short and I hope maybe someday to see a longer more complete revision or even a sequel for these people and this fascinating world. Sienna Black you are not only an excellent writer and an extremely kind person but you are so damn good at telling a story it’s scary and please let me know what’s the next book. I will be waiting.

Grade B, as in Got To Be More!

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