The Christmas She Rules by Jennifer Leeland

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The Christmas She Rules by Jennifer Leeland
The Christmas She Rules by Jennifer Leeland

Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-840-6
Contemporary Erotica, 2009

Poor Pamela Dane. It’s Christmas, and Humboldt County’s resident bisexual Domme has no one to play or share intimacies with. A trip to San Francisco and the friendly local BDSM club is exactly what a cynical Domme needs, so off she goes. It is at The Cage Club that she meets the cute submissive Christian, so it’s non-stop whacking all the way to love.

Okay, despite my tongue-in-cheek synopsis of Jennifer Leeland’s The Christmas She Rules, there is actually some scorching hot emotional intensity going in this story. The BDSM aspects of the story feel a bit too over the top to me, like some kind of BDSM Cirque du Soleil, but since I’m not familiar with the lifestyle, who knows how right or wrong I am in this instance.

But the emotions feel real, though. The two characters know each other only a short while before they are going on about that L word, but given the intensity of the emotions they feel while the whole thing lasts, I suspect that they will have a good time with each other, whether or not that relationship will last for long.

For a short story, The Christmas She Rules is a pretty fun read. It may cross over into camp territory now and then where I am concerned, but Pamela whacking Chris all over with relish is such an inspiring image that I can only wish we have more of such stories around out there.

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