Stroll Through the Woods by Maria Zerva

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 11, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Stroll Through the Woods by Maria Zerva
Stroll Through the Woods by Maria Zerva

Maria Zerva, $0.99
Horror Erotica, 2019

Stroll Through the Woods by Maria ZervaStroll Through the Woods by Maria Zerva

Lina has the bright idea of jogging in the quiet woods at the crack of dawn. The whole place is eerie and her senses are telling her to flee, but come on, nothing comes between our heroine and her calorie-burning. Aside from the monster thing, that is.

The ghastly sight of a lean figure, standing nearly 9 feet tall, with long, slim arms and legs pursuing her with almost floating strides almost caused her heart to stop beating and her legs to go numb. Its skin smooth and greenish, its eyes black, seemingly devoid of soul.

She flees through the woods, instead of back to her vehicle, because hey, horror movie chick. She finds a cabin and the man inside then wants to have sex with her, with or without her consent. It’s okay, she is already doing a Niagara Falls the moment he orders her to take off her clothes, because that’s a perfectly reasonable reaction when she had just seen a monster thing a short while ago before encountering a rapist. You should see how wild the parties can get at my place after a Halloween marathon, I tell you.

And then the monster comes in, kills the man, and rapes her too.

Our heroine, after experiences so many orgasms in a row, gets back to her vehicle in order to go home and wash before going to work.

I wish I am joking about Stroll Through the Woods, but that’s honestly the whole plot. Since when did horror erotica have to be this absurd again? Perhaps it’s a good thing that I paid only $0.99 for this thing.

The sex scenes are kind of hot, though, and you have no idea how much I hate myself for saying that out aloud. Everything else about this short story is too stupid for words.

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