Spontaneous by Karen Erickson

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Spontaneous by Karen Erickson
Spontaneous by Karen Erickson

Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-59998-591-8
Contemporary Romance, 2007


I wonder about Spontaneous.

Our heroine Sophie Kincaid adores her boss Ian Grey. One night while bartending at the Royal Plaza Hotel (Ian is the general manager), she finds him well on his way to being beautifully drunk as the man is drowning away the blues of being dumped by the woman he wanted to marry. These two soon end up in bed.

Now, according to author Karen Erickson, Ian naturally didn’t love Nadia and he is more annoyed that his plans didn’t go as he wanted them to where Nadia was concerned – although this doesn’t explain why he should be getting drunk if you ask me – but Sophie doesn’t know that. And given that she was fired from her last job due to a workplace romance gone awry, I’d think she’s smarter than to sleep with her boss in a situation that screams “rebound” and “you will really, really, really regret this”.

Sophie doesn’t regret it, but instead she begins avoiding Ian after the incident because she’s feeling self-conscious about boffing the rich guy. And naturally Ian feels that sex with this woman is really special so he’s in love with her. Lucky Sophie. This is one story where the happy ending is achieved despite the heroine’s best efforts to get herself nominated as the train wreck of the year.

Spontaneous is really not the way to be in this instance.

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