Regaining Command by Jennifer Leeland

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Regaining Command by Jennifer Leeland
Regaining Command by Jennifer Leeland

Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-508-4
Sci-fi Erotica, 2008

We’re back to the Synthetic Endorphin Xstasy (SEX), that what-it’s-called-again planet that these humans have landed on, and all that chemicals in the air that is turning these humans into sex-addled nymphomaniacs. It’s a long story – you may want to read the previous books in the series (Taking Command and Resisting Command) before you start this one. To make things simple, let’s just say that a bunch of humans have landed on this planet, Asbarek, for research purposes, only to realize that things aren’t what they seem to be at first on this planet.

Regaining Command begins with a splat of sorts – Dr Elise Fleming discovers the very dead bodies of two colleagues at a temple entrance after an explosion takes place. It could be either humans who are against the idea of colonizing other planets or irate aliens that caused the explosion, but either way, Elise seems to be the target of these villains. In situations like this, we need a bodyguard so in walks Donny Pasquel. She has been hot for him for a while now, so maybe she should write a thank-you note to the meanies for putting the two of them in close proximity. Yeah, so some kind of alien war is threatening to break out in this cute story, but hey, this story isn’t about the SEX for nothing, you know.

The story on Asbarek is developing nicely, and I like how it reminds me of those really cheesy science-fiction movies and comics from the 1960s and 1970s where the camp factor is as big as the Death Star. I normally would say that the sex scenes happen too fast and I never really get this impression that the characters are in love, but in this story, I am having too much fun to care. I’m like, “Whatever to the romance, the whole thing is such enjoyable cheese!” The author goes some extra mile with the emotions of her characters later in the story, which is nice even if a part of me feels that the effort should have gone to setting up the romance in the first place instead of rushing those two into the first sexual scene in this book.

If you like old-time science fiction stories with plenty of T&A, Jennifer Leeland seems determined to spearhead some kind of revival and this story may just do the trick.

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