Demon’s Triad by Anna J Evans and December Quinn

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Demon's Triad by Anna J Evans and December Quinn
Demon’s Triad by Anna J Evans and December Quinn

Ellora’s Cave, $6.49, ISBN 978-1-4199-1254-2
Fantasy Erotica, 2008


There are three players in Demon’s Triad, so yes, the moon is full and it’s time yet again for another one of those stories.

Aleeza is a witch from the Gunera coven and all witches from that coven are under a chastity spell – or curse, depending on how you look at it – that prevents them from having sex even if they want to. This is because no matter how hot and heavy things are getting, somehow the witch’s partner will never be able to even come close to closing the deal. The partner always blacks out at the crucial moment. The only way the spell is broken is after the Gunera witch marries someone from the Amiantos coven. In other words, the Gunera witch’s virginity is the exclusive property of an Amiantos male. Don’t ask me or the heroine why this is the case. Apparently a sadistic Gunera witch in the past thought that this arrangement would be ideal to prevent future generations from emulating any random Ellora’s Cave heroine.

Aleeza is not amused by the curse. In fact, she’s not amused by a lot of things that come with being a witch. The way she tends to glow blue when she comes into power, for example, prevents her from blending in with humans. She was kicked out of school many times because of her blue glow thing. Currently Aleeza is trying to get involved in the family business of bounty-hunting and chasing after FTAs, but money is always tight and she has best start hauling in the dough soon. Then there is her constant state of you-know-what that can never be sated because the man always blacks out before he gets anything done. Aleeza decides that it’s time she takes matters into her own hand and – no, not that way, people. She decides to find a way to break the curse.

Dorrand and Ferrin are two “deathspeakers” from the Amiantos coven. They have the ability to contact and communicate with spirits of long-departed folks. They are happy to play with each other’s private parts while calling each other “brother” and “clan-mate” but they are even happier when they have a woman to join them in their games since the two men draw the line at actual rear end action with each other. The last woman they shared between them, Carantha, had been brutally murdered. This causes their games to be less enjoyable than they used to be.

Ferrin grunted in response, but Dorand knew he would never say uncle. Ferrin was good with pain and at times actually seemed to enjoy a little mixed in with his pleasure. “How many times have our cocks rubbed together while we made love to Carantha, how many times have we kissed over our sweet girl’s head? The fact that she’s not here tonight means nothing.”

“It means everything.”

“Don’t be a fool.”

“Don’t talk.” Dorand’s voice shook and he was glad he’d kept his eyes closed. He might have kissed Ferrin before, helped him make love to their woman, but there was no way he’d let the other man see him cry. Besides, the bastard was right. If he kept dwelling on Carantha’s murder, they would have no chance to avenge her.

So, while doing a little you’ll-munch-mine-I’ll-munch-yours action (which is apparently a necessary component to their “deathspeaking” ritual) to summon Carantha’s spirit and get her to tell him who her killer is, the two men hear a woman’s cries and run off to investigate. It turns out that Aleeza is nearby, touching herself (apparently an important ritual component) and moaning all over in a state of nudity while trying to cast a sex spell. She has stolen the magic from Dorrand and Ferrin in the process, hence disrupting their attempts to contact Carantha. Needless to say, the two men are not amused when they catch Aleeza at whatever she’s doing. Aleeza, however, pretty much spreads her legs and begs them to do whatever they want to her because she’s oh-so-needy that way and, as they say, it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.

If you can’t tell by now, Demon’s Triad is one of those stories where every scene is an opportunity for everyone to get naked and do the ugly. The publisher site has a warning about this book that you shouldn’t overlook because this book can really amp up the naughty stuff and it may not be within everyone’s comfort level.

Of course, as you probably know by now, I’m okay with anything as long as farm animals, animal costumes, kids, and things that should be flushed down the toilet bowl aren’t involved, so I have no issues with the kinkiness here. In fact, at the risk of sounding like depraved pervert – which I probably am, come to think of it – I find most of the scenes here work pretty well, from the voyeuristic aspect of one of our heroes admiring the other hero going down to business with the heroine to the happy moments when all three get into the swing of things.

There are also scenes of violence here, which I find enjoyably bloodthirsty, but again, some readers may not like them.

This book starts out terrible, though, with over-the-top smutty scenarios that feel more at home in an adult cartoon than anything else. But the authors soon get into the swing of the things as the three characters deal with the aftermath of Aleeza’s spell casting and the mystery behind Carantha’s murder. While there are still plenty of raunch, there is a coherent story shaping up here. I also like the fact that unlike many male duos in such stories, Dorrand and Ferrin actually have discernible and distinct personalities instead of being a case of one hero split into two by binary fission. Aleeza may be a randy nymphomaniac dear to my heart but she is also a spirited and smart heroine who can hold her own in this story of tangled sweaty naked limbs, dead bodies, and magic gone awry.

Demon’s Triad has its share of over-the-top crazy-kinky moments that make it hard for me to take this story seriously at times, but to give the authors credit, they do attempt and succeed for the most part to provide a decent storyline foundation for all the naughty antics taking place. Deliciously campy, this one is smutty and violent all at once. This one is a no-holds-barred B-grade sexy movie after my own heart.

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