Wild in the Country by Portia Da Costa

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Wild in the Country by Portia Da Costa
Wild in the Country by Portia Da Costa

Total-e-bound, £3.49, ISBN 978-1-906328-19-1
Contemporary Erotica, 2008 (Reissue)


Wild in the Country was previously published by Headline Liaison back in 1995 under the pseudonym Jennifer Barrie. I’m not sure though if this current version is merely a reissue or a revised edition. I have to warn people though: there is a particular very naughty scene in this book involving a carrot being used in such a disrespectful manner that will most likely offend vegetarians everywhere.

This one is an erotica through and through. Well, there is a little bit of romance, but the heroine and the guy she ends up with are pretty much swingers who have no intention to stop partying with the neighborhood. Any way, this story sees Flora Swain giving up her boring job and boring boyfriend to move to the cozy Pennyroyal Cottage in the rustic English countryside of Marwick Magna. Little does she suspect that there is something in the air – or water, or something else – that turns everyone in that place into sensual hedonists. From her American artist neighbor Declan McKenna who paints outside in the nude to the Morticia Addams-lookalike town matriarch, everyone is soon invited to take a bite out of Flora as she tries to discover the identity of “The Scribe” who has been leaving pornographic love letters and naughty gifts at her doorstep.

This is comedic sex romp although some of the sex scenes are pretty hot enough to scorch. The heroine can be really dumb at times since she’s the stereotypical gullible type who will keep protesting in a wide-eyed “Oh no, what are you doing to me, sir?” manner as if she hasn’t already had someone’s finger shoved up her sensitive spots ten times before. Her wide-eyed behavior and protests can become tedious after a while. Perhaps if this story is shorter – yes, folks, this is a long one – so that Flora’s behavior is less repetitious, it will be more enjoyable.

Still, this is a pretty amusing – if silly – sex romp that will most likely fit the bill if you are looking for something naughty to read in order to pass the time. I can’t help feeling that the author can do better than this though.

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