The Claiming of a Virgin King by April Andrews

Posted by Mrs Giggles on July 11, 2015 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Fantasy & Sci-fi

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The Claiming of a Virgin King by April Andrews
The Claiming of a Virgin King by April Andrews

Twisted E-Publishing, $3.99
Fantasy Romance, 2015


Poor William De Gulliame. Not so long ago, his father was the ruler of a kingdom in a fantasy setting. All was well, until the aliens arrived, claiming friendship only to betray them all and fell the king in battle. Unlike those aliens in Mars Attack!, however, these aliens have “towering physiques” with “strange blue skin”, ooh. I hope we aren’t talking about the genie in that Disney cartoon Aladdin. Anyway, now these aliens are trying to seize his land, and William has to find a way to save his people. What better way than to seek the assistance of Lord Dragan, another alien who, unlike the current blue-skin towering armies running wild on his land, is content to claim the partially flooded and mostly uninhabited islands near the kingdom as his, for his own people, and leave the neighbors alone. Technically, Lord Dragan is considered William’s subject, but who knows what that alien fellow really thinks.

While William hopes to get Lord Dragan as the general of his army, Lord Dragan has other ideas. If he agrees to help William, well, assembling an army takes time. In the meantime, he wants William to do… well, I’m sure you can guess what he wants from our poor king. This may just be fun…

One thing that surprises me about The Claiming of a Virgin King is how considerable thought and effort had gone into creating a vivid setting for this story. It’d probably be easier to just deliver a context-free boink fest, so a lot of credit has to go to the author for putting in this extra effort. The end result is an actual story – with plot and all – rather than some quick get-me-off read.

Oh, and yes, I’m sure you are wondering by now, we have alien dong in the house, people. I’ve wrapped the whole thing up in a spoiler bar, so that you can’t blame me if you get… excited… after reading the description of the alien world wonder.

Dragan had to be at least ten inches long, but not so thick that he was frightening. But it wasn’t the comforting girth, or the length, that made William want to lick his lips. It was the other parts of Dragan, those at the base of his cock, that made William clench inside. He wanted to call them tentacles, but he didn’t think they could be described like that. They were almost like fingers, but more flexible, and longer. They were hung loose either side of Dragan’s cock, but it was almost like the felt William’s gaze upon them, because a moment later they wrapped themselves around Dragan’s shaft, increasing the girth significantly.

This isn’t a very long story, just enough to deliver alien sex and a nice wrap up of the whole story. The characters are a bit on the shallow side, although they are developed just enough to carry the story. William is out of his league as a king, but he tries, and he doesn’t behave too much like an implausibly child-like thing that is usually found in such stories. However, it is a bit disconcerting to see how fast William goes from being worried about his people to drooling over alien dong often at inappropriate moments. The author can be a bit off when it comes to balancing the plot with the quota for sexy times. Meanwhile, Dragan is a nice guy – he embraces democracy, believes that a ruler should serve his people and not the other way around, and, really, he’s alright. His happy ending with William can be seen coming from a while away, but because these two guys are pretty okay, it’s nice to see them so happy for now.

My only disappointment is how the author wraps up the whole issue with the invading aliens so neatly and quickly to the point that it is pretty anticlimactic. There is no grand war, epic confrontations, nothing of that sort, just one anticlimax. It’s a shame, as the build-up has led me to expect something on a grander scale. Because of this, The Claiming of a Virgin King has a half-baked feel to it despite the care exercised by the author to create a pretty good setting for her story.

Oh, and don’t be scared by the publisher’s claims of this story having dubious consent and such – take it from me, the naughty scenes here are pretty normal, for the want of a better word, if you put aside the fact that the alien dong has some interesting physiology. This isn’t a bad story by any means, but at the end of the day, it could have been developed a little bit more.

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