Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

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Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 1-60504-218-8
Contemporary Romance, 2008


Tequila Truth is a game where you drink tequila and answer a question truthfully. In other words, this is a variation of that spin the bottle game for overgrown kids who are old enough to drink. Demonstrating that Jose Cuervo is the root of several kinds of folly in this world, Kylie Halston reveals to her friends Colt and Heath on her 25th birthday that her favorite sexual fantasy involves her becoming the roast spit of two blokes at the same time. Because they are men who sense an opportunity to score Because they are her best friends since college, the two men naturally offer to be her sexual bookends.

Author Mari Carr tries to cram in as many clichés as she can grab with her two hands from the happy magic kitchen sink. Both men are Doms, although in this story “Dom” is a short-cut for “We want anal sex, toots!” rather than “Bite on the gag, honey, it’s time for your punishment!” One of them is a cop. Both men pretty much agree that they will share the woman before they approach her with their decision because they are so manly and protective that they, I’d assume, intend to protect her from having to make a decision. Besides, she’s fantasizing about it so she’s clearly gagging for more. The relationship dynamic reeks of “We are big men, you are small woman – we protect you, you give us anal sex in return! Oh, and we’re all in love, so you better don’t mistake this story for smut!” overtones that are prevalent in many ménage à ennui, sorry, trois stories out there.

In other words, Tequila Truth is a very simplistic Threesome for Dummies story. If you are new to the wilder side of erotic romance, this one may be a pretty good place to start. But there are threesome stories out there that are more interesting than this uninspired rehash of clichés, if you ask me.

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