Soul Deep by Lora Leigh

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 9, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Soul Deep by Lora Leigh
Soul Deep by Lora Leigh

Ellora’s Cave, $6.99, ISBN 1-4199-0079-X
Fantasy Erotica, 2004

Let’s see, what other animals have we not covered in Lora Leigh’s Breed series? Of course, we can’t have uncool animals like a turtle and a platypus contaminating our awesome heroes with their DNA, so why not a coyote? The sounds one makes is like the mating call from heaven – how can anyone resists such a sexy thing?

So yes, in Soul Deep we meet Kiowa. I don’t recall his last name, but I like to imagine that it’s Konnichiwa. Our dude is one of the Coyotes, which I’m told are created to be the “jailors of the Felines and Wolves when the nasty Genetic Council was their overlords. I personally can’t imagine a coyote intimidating a lion into cowering out of fear – maybe it’s the adorable yips and howls that scare the big cats and dogs into submission.

So yes, the story. Amanda Marion is the daughter of the current President of the United States, but oops, she gets shot during the early parts of this story. She is found by Kiowa, who realizes that oh no, him keeping her safe is one of the most important things at the moment, as doing so can help persuade President Marion that the Breeds are cool people and he will then push for the Breed Law to happen. No, that’s not some kind of rule giving these people the right to beget children on anyone they take a fancy to, it’s about giving them equal rights and what not. Kiowa therefore has to protect Amanda, a duty that apparently involves exploring her body orifices with his pee-pee and digits with remarkably frequency even while she is barely out of her “I just got shot, ouch!” haze.

“Damn, this has to be the prettiest little pussy I’ve ever laid my eyes on,” he whispered, his fingers running through her slit, sending her in to a quaking, shuddering response that tore a cry from her lips.

“I’m going to eat you up, baby.”

The best cure for any PTSD, people. Get your Breed today.

“You talk to her,” Kiowa suggested then. “Maybe you can convince her it’s really not so bad. What do you think, Amanda? Can you handle carrying my pup?”

He’s romantic too.

The best thing about Soul Deep is, as usual, the naughty scenes. Regardless of the context in which they take place, the scenes by themselves are pretty hot.

The worst thing about this one is, aside from the sex scenes, there isn’t much for me to savor.

The first half or so of the story is an action tale in which sex scenes keep happening at the most bizarre moment. This makes those chapters feel like some badly scripted adult film made by a director who’d clearly rather do a James Bond film instead.

The second half is a breeding pen erotic fantasy: our heroine is knocked up, there is some elaboration on the potency of coyote sperm, she rages about losing her agency to the mate thing only to accept it eventually and even loving his McD, and there is an actual place for these Breed dudes to keep their pregnant women until they pop out the brats. This particular fantasy may be popular with certain people, but I personally don’t find pregnancy to be, shall we say, “sexy”, so I find myself rolling up my eyes more often than not during this second half. Kiowa’s efforts to be the most alpha male in the alpha-verse only make him come off as an asshole to me, and given that he’s being an asshole to a woman pregnant with his kid… let’s just say that I’m not exactly clapping my hands like a happy seal.

At any rate, I like the sex scenes, but am generally meh about everything else.

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