Sly #2 by Dale Lazarov and mpMann

Posted by Mrs Giggles on July 18, 2018 in 2 Oogies, Comics Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Sly #2 by Dale Lazarov and mpMann
Sly #2 by Dale Lazarov and mpMann

Sticky Graphic Novels, $7.20
Fantasy Erotica, 2016

Yes, those things on the cover of Sly #2 give an accurate idea of the kind of images you will find inside: creatures that vaguely resemble human beings in terms of proportion and basic anatomy, having sex to promote love and more love for people among the LGBTBBQLOLQADWATWATWAT+ crowd. And, if you disagree you are a homophobe who needs to go back to Russia where you belong and choke on an alt-right sausage, you Putin-Trump supporting baboon.

So, where were we? Sly, our hirsute roguish spy who doesn’t say a word, like everyone else here – Dale Lazarov is like James Pattinson in that he doesn’t write as much as he gives ideas to people who do the actual chores like drawing and inking – is back. This time, he joins a crew of astronauts to go off into space where everyone then has sex with one another. Do we really need to waste people’s money to build a bloody spaceship if these people just want to have an orgy? They all look like werewolves in mid-transformation, with their overlong gangly limbs and hair rugs – won’t it be cheaper to just have an orgy during some furries convention?

Well, that’s woke people for you – how else can they demonstrate how woke they are without spending other people’s money to do so?

Anyway, some drama arises when all of a sudden one bloke who looks vaguely German or Russian – must be a Trump supporter, naturally – is suddenly pulled apart from his partner, who acts like some weeping triggered damsel. Without any words in this “story”, it’s hard to figure out why we need this drama. But that guy is soon locked away, and everyone is back at it again, including Sly and his black sex partner whose level of hirsuteness changes from panel to panel, page to page.

Seriously, when Sly pulls apart that guy’s suit, his chest has only sparse fuzzy stubble-like hair. A few panels later and that sparseness has transformed into the Amazon rainforest. The growth around that guy’s tree trunk – if you know what I mean – is equally sparse at first, and then a few panels later, it’s like someone has sprayed growth hormone on that bush. Sly’s legs and rear end are covered in hair in some panels, and are smooth in other panels. I guess everyone here is a magical werewolf of some sort, whose hirsuteness goes up or down depending on how horny they are?

The naughty scenes here are as unimaginative as the ones in the previous issue, only with more pee-pee batter flying all over the place because we are in zero gravity and these people just love to leave a mess. I wonder who will do the cleaning up afterwards.

At any rate, Sly #2 is not sexy or raunchy. It’s just weirdly drawn “people” having over the top silly sex, with added distraction of all that body hair either thinning or thickening between panels. Seriously, these folks need to improve the art, if nothing else, because the inconsistencies are really distracting.

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