Seance: The Summoning (2011)

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Seance: The Summoning (2011)
Seance: The Summoning (2011)

Main cast: Bobby Campo (Joey), Nazneen Contractor (Eva), Chris Olivero (Marcus), and Devon Ogden (Sara)
Director: Alex Wright

Joey, who is a punk band, and his girlfriend Eva have a bet going. She believes that she is a medium who knows her way around tarot cards and séances, while he naturally scoffs at her woo-woo stuff. If she can prove that she is genuine, he’d quit his band for a year and join a church choir, while if she loses, she’d open his show by dancing in a bikini for a year. Their friend Marcus is a security officer at a morgue, and the staff will be away for the weekend, so he lets them in for their weekend session. Joining them is Sara, a friend who is big into Christianity. So begins Seance: The Summoning.

By the time the first hour rolls in, I am thoroughly annoyed by these four because they are plain unlikable twats saddled with some of the most, hammy dialogues ever. Joey comes off as an asshole and Sara is obnoxious, while Marcus gets on my nerves with his contrived joker of the gang antics. Eva isn’t all sunshine and roses either, but compared to the others especially Joey, she comes off as the only sane person in the room at times. Unfortunately, the asshole Joey never lets on until too late that he is “sensitive” to woo-woo stuff, so he soon gets possessed and that’s when the fun starts.

Did I say “fun”? Scratch that. The rest of the movie is basically possessed Joey trying futilely to rape or threaten the others and the others screaming and crying while trying to exorcise the demon thing from him. Things get very repetitive and monotonous fast. Given that the characters are already obnoxious, and there isn’t much scares to be had at all – just noise – this movie is a grating waste of time. There are some cool ideas here about exorcism and evil spirits, but nothing comes together well, perhaps because of the clearly low budget these folks have to make the best out of.

On the bright side, the first thing possessed Joey does is to rip off his shirt, and Bobby Campo spends the rest of the movie in tight pants that dip low enough to suggest that he isn’t wearing any underwear. I can’t deny that the sight is very easy on the eyes. But I’m not sure that this movie is worth even the price of rental just to take a look at that guy.

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