Pro-Life (2006)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 21, 2017 in 2 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Masters of Horror

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Pro-Life (2006)
Pro-Life (2006)

Main cast: Ron Perlman (Dwayne Burcell), Mark Feuerstein (Alex O’Shea), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Kim), Bill Dow (Dr Kiefer), Graeme McComb (Caleb Burcell), Benjamin Rogers (Cole Burcell), Chad Krowchuk (Darry Burcell), and Caitlin Wachs (Angelique Burcell)
Director: John Carpenter

Alex O’Shea and Kim are two colleagues who recently became intimate, and they are on their way to work, discussing whether they should keep their relationship a secret from their superior, when they almost run down a young lady who ran out of the bushes right into the path of their vehicle. As it happens, Angelique is pregnant, and she wants to abort that thing growing inside her because, as she claims, she conceived as a result of a rape at the hands of a demon. How convenient that Alex and Kim work at the Lincoln County Women’s Health Services center, where they end up taking her to for medical attention. Before she can get that thing out of her body, here come her furious father Dwayne and her three brothers. Dwayne is convinced that he hears the voice of an angel telling him that Angelique is carrying a child of a more godly nature, and he’d be damned if his daughter gets an abortion at the hands of those sinful left-wing heathens. He’d save the Jesus baby even if he has to gun down everyone in his path.

Soon, the whole place becomes a warzone. Who is right – Angelique or Dwayne? More importantly, what did they do to John Carpenter to even get him to show up on set to direct this thing?

This episode isn’t that bad, but it’s bottom of the barrel SyFy material. This means that there is enough unintentional comedy to keep it from being a complete waste of time, but it is not something one would normally associate with John Carpenter. It starts out promisingly, with Ron Perlman being appropriately mean and menacing, but things soon derail into hilariously bad special effects and a rushed denouement that curiously enough robs me of seeing the bad guys get their much deserved comeuppance. An out of place gory scene feels thrust into this episode solely to meet the quota in an otherwise quite tame horror episode, in a manner that doesn’t make sense.

All things considered, Pro-Life is just a silly, hammy entry that fails to capitalize on the horror or satirical properties inherent in its premise. Watch this one if you must, but don’t blame me when you see Angelique’s baby and realize that you have wasted your time for that. I’ve warned you.

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