Pool Sharks (1988)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on July 5, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Monsters

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Pool Sharks (1988)
Pool Sharks (1988)

Main cast: Tom Mason (Gabe), Irving Metzman (Lester), Rebecca Downs (Natasha), Page Johnson (Cappy)
Director: Alan Kingsberg

Pool Sharks is a straightforward story. In a pub somewhere, seductive Natasha is a regular at the pool table. She challenges men to play with her, offering her kiss as a prize. Of course, she only shows up at night for a good reason: she is a vampire and her kiss is fatal, naturally. Then shows up a man called Gabe, who challenges her to a game. Who will walk out from this pool table alive by the end of the episode?

Oh, is there ever a doubt? Rebecca Downs vamps it up well as Natasha, but there is no twist in this story, and no surprises whatsoever about the conclusion. Gabe and Natasha play, exchange retorts and what not, the revelation that everyone can see coming, and then – boom! The climax is over before I can blink twice and the show is done.

What is that all about? This episode shares the same “This is a vampire story without any twists and turns to make things interesting!” issue as The Vampire Hunter, only with far less interesting protagonists. I doubt I will remember much about this one shortly into the future, making this episode the perfect example of a filler episode.

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