Pledge of Anya (2012)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on April 24, 2017 in 2 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Métal Hurlant Chronicles

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Pledge of Anya (2012)
Pledge of Anya (2012)

Main cast: Rutger Hauer (Kern), Greg Basso (Joshua), Puiu Mitea (Jans), Ion Bechet (Friedrich), Gabriel Velicu (Peter), Marinela Botis (Karla), and Michael Troude (The Hunter)
Director: Guillaume Lubrano

In a world described as “so close” to ours but – of course – “so far away”, separated by “dimensions”, there live a bunch of people who obey a pledge to a goddess named Anya. When the Grand Priest Kern discerns a “dragon” awakening in the land of mortals, he will send forth a warrior trained all his life to slay this dragon. This warrior, Joshua, is armed with a “divine sword”, and after much ceremony, off he goes to the world outside. What awaits him? A grand destiny, or a tragic one?

Here’s the thing about Pledge of Anya: as a nice bookend to the season, it is similar to King’s Crown in that it has nice beefcake on display. Greg Basso spends a tidy amount of time having ink rubbed all over his pecs and back, and for the rest of the episode he’s bare-chested. While this outfit is certainly nice to look at it, Kern makes him dressed up like this… and sends him into a world with enemies that use guns. Sword versus guns… what do you think will be the most likely outcome?

There is nice scenery here as well as some nice music, and the twist at the end is a nice one, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the dangers of wearing impractical armor in combat. Eh, tell me something I don’t know. This episode is rather pointless, and a massive disappointment as a season closer.

Oh, and everyone speaks English here and has no problems understanding one another. What is that all about?

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