Parallel Fire by Deidre Knight

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Parallel Fire by Deidre Knight
Parallel Fire by Deidre Knight

Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-039-4
Fantasy Romance, 2008

Parallel Fire is part of the author’s Midnight Warriors series. It looks like the series didn’t permanently end after Parallel Desire, hmm.

Anna Draekus is a member of the Madjin Circle. No, she is not a clown in some circus act. She’s one of the elite protectors of King Jared Bennett of Refaria. She also has a crush on Nevin Daniels, her boss. Anna accidentally let her identity as a – what’s that again? Ah yes, a Madjin Circle member. Anyway, the King knew about her identity in a previous story and she now has to face an interrogation session by Nevin himself.

When our heroine begins blushing, stammering, and cooing over Nevin’s virility when she’s not blanking out his words because he’s so-ooo-ooo hot, I have to wonder whether Anna is really an elite bodyguard or she’s just a coffee server with severe delusions of grandeur. When Navin gets all aroused at the idea of seeing her Madjin Circle tattoo, I think he’s most likely the concierge with equally severe delusions of grandeur.

Then, four months later, they get marooned in the wilderness of Wyoming where they have sex and Navin gets starry-eyed at the idea of Anna being bloated with the magic babies that will result when two severely delusional people who actually imagined they were capable protectors of the King give Charles Darwin the middle finger by defiantly copulating and procreating despite all the laws flying about regarding how stupid people shouldn’t be breeding.

And that’s it, really, for the story. I suppose this one will make a great fanservice story for anyone who has been faithfully following the series and can’t wait to see the remaining single woman in the series lustily impregnated to breaking point with magic babies. But for me who can care less whether these people live, die, give birth to camels, or whatever, this one ranks up there with Dara Joy’s “gifts to fans” as pointless wastes of time that serve only to give the author some loose change before her next “real” book comes out.

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