Nuttin’ but Trouble by CB Archer

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 22, 2019 in 1 Oogie, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Nuttin' but Trouble by CB Archer
Nuttin’ but Trouble by CB Archer

Deep Desires Publishing, $2.99
Fantasy Erotica, 2019

Nuttin' but Trouble by CB Archer

I like the previous entries in the College of United Monsters series, but Nuttin’ but Trouble is really pushing it with its false advertising. It’s marketed as erotica, but it’s actually comedy. If there is anything resembling erotica here, I will have to squint very hard ingest some recreational drugs and imagine lovely things that aren’t present in this thing.

This time we have the ghost Porter Giese (sigh) and I guess despite being able to make himself seen and to touch things, he somehow spends his time in this story not having ghost sex but rather, indulging in childish madcap antics. Oh wait, did I say “madcap antics”? It’s more like this whiny ghost complaining and moaning about everything and anything as he stumbles through a few disjointed chapters designed for the author to show me how funny that fellow is. The whole thing just screams “whiny millennial twat screeching on Twitter” to me, and I can only grimace as I turn the pages.

I can only think of wasted opportunities here and feel like crying for the money I spent on this thing. Ectoplasm sex, perhaps, or bodily possession for kinky purposes! Or, maybe Porter can take over a giant furry mascot outfit and go rape some avians! The author could have done anything other what what was done here, and that story would have been so much better.

I am not sure what happened here, but Nuttin’ but Trouble is like the crumpled wad of notes found in a waste bin, thrown there by a disgruntled stand-up after the fellow was soundly booed off stage. Read the other entries in this series, if you will, but avoid this one unless it’s given out for free one of these days, and even then, prepare for a massive disappointment.

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