Love Me Tomorrow by Dee Tenorio

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Love Me Tomorrow by Dee Tenorio

Love Me Tomorrow by Dee Tenorio

Samhain Publishing, $5.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-375-3
Contemporary Romance, 2009


I prefer the author’s more lighthearted comedies than her more sober romantic dramas, if Dee Tenorio’s previous books are anything to go by, so I am not too sure what to expect when I open Love Me Tomorrow.

This one is a romantic suspense set in a town called Rancho Del Cielo. Our firefighter hero, Josh Whittaker, has lost his buddy Danny Randall shortly after the story opens. Danny was killed by someone who wants to take revenge on Josh, not that Josh knows this at that point. Josh spends his time wallowing in pity party and agonizing over things that could have been when Miranda McTiernan shows up to announce that she’s now 31 and she’d like to have a baby – Josh’s. I would think that she’d ask for a sperm donor who is in a better frame of mind to be up for the task, pardon the pun, but I guess one can’t be too picky in such a story. Miranda and Josh share a history and they have both plenty of issues about their lives, as if they don’t have enough drama already in their lives.

Love Me Tomorrow is a very readable story, although I find the characters a little on the familiar and predictable side. Still, while Josh can be a silly boy at times here, Miranda doesn’t let him get away too much with his martyr act, and that’s good. They have a believable relationship here, although I wish the author has taken it easier with the piling of on issues on these characters. Josh and Miranda, especially Josh, can get tad too melodramatic with their issues.

The romance is fine, the romantic suspense subplot is okay, and the story is entertaining enough. All things considered, Love Me Tomorrow is a pretty good read.

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