Living Hell (1995)

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Living Hell (1995)
Living Hell (1995)

Main cast: Elizabeth Peña (Dr Jennifer Martinez), Sam Robards (Ben Kohler), Stephen Shellen (Wayne Haas), Don S Davis (Detective Wilson), Walter Marsh (Dr Lambert), and Phillip MacKenzie (Detective Dofner)
Director: Graeme Campbell

Ex-con Ben Kohler is a down on his luck fellow who recently was just turned down for a construction job when, oops, he is shot in the head by a mugger. Poor thing – it’s just not his day. Dr Jennifer Martinez, meantime, is looking for one more human subject to test a chip designed to regulate one’s heartbeat and breathing. So far, all her test subjects died, and since there isn’t much hope for Ben to survive his shooting, she may as well put him to good use.

Ben soon miraculously recovers, but alas, he soon realizes that he now gets the first person view of some sick fiend going around raping and killing women. Worse, he also experiences the fiend’s twisted pleasures at carrying out such acts. Ben suspects that the chip is the cause, and demands that Dr Martinez fix him, but she has no idea how to even begin. Removing the chip can kill him. Over time, Ben soon sees the face of the fiend… but yikes, it looks like the fiend can also see him back too! The cops refuse to believe Ben due to his criminal record, and views him as a prime suspect. It looks like our guy really can’t catch a break…

Living Hell is a standard, formulaic episode of something with this story line. Really, I think every anthology series needs for some reason to have an episode in which the protagonist shares the same “sight” as some serial killer, along with the episode featuring a creepy doll, the episode with reincarnation, the episode of a guy with a hidden past haunted by ghosts for that past… As such, there is nothing too unexpected or suspenseful here. The whole thing is predictable, right up to the climactic moment of the episode, and it’s all quite a yawner.

Still, the pacing is fine, the acting is okay, so I guess this one will do. There are far worse episodes in this series anyway.

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