Holly’s House (1988)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on April 27, 2019 in 3 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Monsters

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Holly's House (1988)
Holly’s House (1988)

Main cast: Marilyn Jones (Katherine), Perry Lang (Lenny), Pamela Dean Kelly (Alice), and Neil Smith (Neil Gordon)
Director: Ted Gershuny

Holly’s House is the name of the children TV show starring Holly the creepy robotic doll that is motion-controlled via remote by Katherine, our protagonist. Holly’s good friends are Mike the Mailman and a green version of Big Bird, and outside of the set, these actors are all good friends. Maybe more than friends when it comes to Katherine and Lenny who plays Mike, as she’s pregnant with his kid. He’s pleased with the news, as he loves her and he thinks that they should get married. She is reluctant as the show is only in mid-season. The show director Neil encourages her to follow her heart, however, as he feels that she is fatigued with the show after four years, and he also believes that she can find fulfillment in changing diapers and such. I know, it’s quite an old-fashioned opinion, but remember, the 1980s are a different time.

Unfortunately, Holly the doll doesn’t like the idea of Kathy leaving the show and decides to go all out to make sure that her “Mommy” will always stay with her. Always.

This episode comes out shortly before Child’s Play first hit the theaters, so I suppose comparisons between Holly and Chucky may be inevitable. Still, this one has some pretty good things going for itself – the doll looks both cute and menacing at the same time, without having to resort to scars or forced ugliness, and there is an underlying “children gone evil” tenor to the whole episode that can be terrifying. At the same time, though, this episode is a victim of age – watching it these days, it is a predictable affair because many of its twists and turns have since become standard creepy doll horror movie clichés. That and the high-pitched voice of Melody, which can really be akin to nails on chalkboard.

All in all, this is a pretty decent episode in a series that is shaping up to be something interesting.

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