Intoxicated by Monica Murphy

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Intoxicated by Monica Murphy
Intoxicated by Monica Murphy

Avon Impulse, $3.99, ISBN 978-0-06-235859-2
Contemporary Romance, 2014


I was in a bit of a hurry when I purchased Intoxicated – I didn’t read the synopsis, although I did wonder why there is a fourth book, since the Bachelor Billionaires Club has only three guys in the first place. It’s not uncommon for romance authors to pull out a cousin or a friend of the main characters to extend a series, however, so I didn’t think too much about. Well, now I know: Intoxicated isn’t a story as much as it is a 90-page epilogue.

That’s right, all three couples are here. Gage and Marina are getting married. Another couple has their baby deciding to come into this world earlier than expected, while one more sees the woman experiencing something akin to bridal jitters. Given its length, and how the author needs to juggle in some love scenes as well, the entire story feels very underdeveloped. If you are not a fan of the entire the series, there is really nothing much to do here other than to risk your life by drinking each time someone says “love” in this story. Yes, that word gets tossed around so often, it’s almost embarrassing how mawkish the folks in this epilogue can be.

Anyway, Intoxicated is what it is: a fanservice for folks who like the trilogy so much that they need an epilogue to show them the obvious, that everyone in the trilogy is now happily joined at the loins eighteen hours a day, and there would be lots of babies on the way even as the men vow eternal fidelity and the money will never run out. People who are unfamiliar with the series would do well to start with the previous entries in the series instead. I personally think the price is a little on the high side for something that could be given out for free on the author’s website, but hey, buyers beware.

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