Daddy (2015)

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Daddy (2015)
Daddy (2015)

Main cast: Gerald McCullouch (Colin McCormack), Dan Via (Steve Wisniewski), and Jaime Cepero (Tee Bloom)
Director: Gerald McCullouch


Oh great, another gay movie that revolves around wealthy white men moaning about their messy love lives. And these people wonder why the rest of the world sometimes think that gay movies are mostly shallow throwaway fluff.

In Daddy, we have two men in their forties. Colin McCormack is the more gregarious loverboy who likes his men younger than he is, and his latest squeeze is Tee Bloom. Colin’s best friend is Steve Wisniewski, who is more of the laidback, upright, doesn’t get much kind of stereotype. Supposedly Colin and Steve are so close that they are practically a married old couple minus the sexy parts, but I don’t see it. Those two men who play these characters were also in the play that this movie is based on, so I suppose there should be some chemistry between those two, but no, I don’t see it. Maybe it’s because Mr McCullouch’s acting is something I find tad on the over-the-top hammy side – when his character keeps saying, “Who’s the Daddy?” as some kind of tagline thing, I can only cringe because it’s all so… forced.

Ultimately, the movie is all about a rich TV dude moping that he can’t find a hot guy to settle down with. This is done via long-drawn scenes of Colin running, everyone scowling and glowering at the camera, and Jaime Cepero acting so much like an emotionally-clinging radioactive human barnacle that cries and cries… eh, another reason to keep cringing as I watch this movie. Colin’s angst is so trivial in the grand scheme of things, and yet, even when Tee reveals the extent of his psychological damage, Colin acts like it’s all about him and Steve just abets him.

So, in the end, this is yet another movie about a self-absorbed whiny twat who thinks the world should revolve around which bloke is hopping on or off his pee-pee. Who cares?

Daddy is funded via Kickstarter, so I suppose there are some people who think that gay cinema needs yet another movie about a whiny, grating, hammy white dude who is wealthy and famous but acts like he is the saddest victim in the world. Good for those people, but I’m going to watch something else more interesting now.

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