The Silence (2019)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on July 28, 2019 in 1 Oogie, Film Reviews, Genre: Horror & Monster

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The Silence (2019)
The Silence (2019)

Main cast: Stanley Tucci (Hugh Andrews), Kiernan Shipka (Ally Andrews), Miranda Otto (Kelly Andrews), Kate Trotter (Grandma Lynn), John Corbett (Glenn), Kyle Harrison Breitkopf (Jude Andrews), Dempsey Bryk (Rob), and Billy MacLellan (The Reverend)
Director: John R Leonetti

Just how many brain-damaged wannabes of A Quiet Place are out there, anyway? The Silence is a similar story: there are creepy monsters called vesps that found themselves out of an abandoned mine, and now everyone has to be quiet or they will come over looking for dinner. Naturally, the people here are all dumb so we have things like shooting your firearms to tell other people to be quiet. Oh god.

Ally Andrews is deaf and you’d think this will give her family an advantage in this environment as everyone knows sign language. Who needs to talk, right? As they make their way out of town to the countryside, where Ally believes will be quieter and hence safer, they seem to forget that they know how to sign, so let’s whisper instead. There is one scene where a wood chipper, when switched on, draws the vesps in to their doom, but instead of staying in that place where they have a nice means to both distract the destroy the vesps, no, they have to move on. These are just some of the more obvious dumb moments. There are many small but equally dumb ones too, like Hugh throwing away a crowbar that could be used to pry open the door of vehicle in which his buddy Glenn is trapped.

And then, these people insist that they can’t use phones… ever… because I guess these people’s phones have no silent mode, I guess?

When a stupid cult shows up wanting Ally to join them because she is “fertile”, I’m impressed, because by that point I thought things couldn’t be more insipid, but this movie manages to prove me wrong. Everything about this movie is just both stupid and devoid of logic or consistency.

No wonder Netflix lost so much money recently. Movies like The Silence are not good for people’s mental health, and they should be ashamed for putting their customers at risk like that.

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