Mermaid (2018)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 27, 2020 in 1 Oogie, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Misfits & Monsters

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Mermaid (2018)
Mermaid (2018)

Main cast: Bridget Everett (The Mermaid), Samm Levine (Allan), Karan Soni (Ravi), and Tony V (Neptune)
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait wants to prove that he is a very woke person. This episode, Mermaid, is about breaking down prejudices and racism and what not.

So, we have Samm Levine and Karan Soni playing the roles they are typecast as: the white SJW guy who thinks he can speak for the people he has a savior complex for, and… well, Karan Soni respectively.

Samm is in love with a mermaid. She’s fat, but we are supposed to be ashamed of thinking of that, because we woke people should see beyond body size.

So, this episode spends the rest of its airtime using her weight and the idea of a horny fatty crushing a skinny white nerd in amorous embrace as punchlines for cheap laughs.

Everything about this episode is revolved around the paradoxical concept of Mr Goldthwait trying to shame the audience by assuming that they are the worst sort of people and he is going to preach to them from the Hollywood Knows Best pulpit, while at the same time his script wallows in the worst of cheap stereotypes in the name of comedy. Is this a case of do as the moron says, and not as he does?

At any rate, there is nothing amusing about this episode, unless you find hilarious preachy, didactic Twitter-esque scolding about what a crap person you must be, and worse, there is nothing sincere or genuine about the whole woke theme of it all. It’s like watching a tedious PSA of a thief lecturing me not to steal stuff because it’s bad even as he steals my time and kills my brain cells in the process.

This is a sham of an episode. Don’t watch it. Come to think of it, don’t bother with this unsatisfying series at all if you haven’t started watching it. I’m starting to think that the whole series is an excuse for Mr Goldthwait to pat himself in the forehead, chest, and back about how awesome he is both as director and screenwriter, and it finds a place in streaming because these streaming services need all they can get, cheap crap or not, to fill up the slots.

So really, don’t watch Mermaid.