Killer Movie (2008)

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Killer Movie (2008)
Killer Movie (2008)

Main cast: Paul Wesley (Jake Tanner), Kaley Cuoco (Blanca Champion), Gloria Votsis (Keir), Torrey DeVitto (Phoebe Hilldale), Jason London (Mike), Cyia Batten (Lee Tyson), Adriana DeMeo (Daphne), Hal B Klein (Greg), Andy Fischer-Price (Vance), Al Santos (Luke), Robert Buckley (Nik), and Nestor Carbonell (Seaton Brookstone)
Director: Jeff Fisher

Killer Movie attempts to blend the typical slasher comedy with the reality TV format, and the result is a mildly engaging movie that derives most of its charm from the fact that everyone knows that this is a horrible movie.

A director down on his luck, Jake Tanner, is convinced by his agent Seaton Brookstone that directing a reality-based TV show is going to help him rebound from his canceled TV show and a broken relationship. The show doesn’t seem too bad – a high school hockey team, the Gold Diggers, which has never known victory in 100 years may have a shot at the state championship after all these years. Unfortunately, Jake soon realizes that the location is in White Plain, in the middle of nowhere, and he is required to take diva bimbo Bianca Champion as his production assistant in her need to conduct some “method acting”. Jake remembers being Bianca’s production assistant in his first gig, and shudders in terror. Meanwhile, the producer Lee is a bitch from hell, but that’s not the end of it. Someone is on a killing spree, and poor Jake is soon wondering whether he will ever get the film wrapped up.

This movie is very predictable, but there are some amusing moments nonetheless from the more pointed satirical elements in the script. Jake is a pretty decent lead character that can hold his own in this movie, but many other main characters are unfortunately wasted. The more interesting characters, like the hoyden Lee and the self-absorbed bimbo Bianca, never get enough screen time to become interesting while characters that do take up screen time, like Nik and Luke, don’t really do anything worthwhile to be memorable.

Oh, and the movie shies away from gore and nudity, so those looking for such things are really out of luck here.

All in all, Killer Movie is one of those low-budget movies that is not too bad but not too memorable either. It’s like a pleasant meal that is however far from filling. The best compliment I can give to this one is that it is not as bad as I feared.

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