Jacob’s Faith by Lora Leigh

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 16, 2019 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Jacob's Faith by Lora Leigh
Jacob’s Faith by Lora Leigh

Ellora’s Cave, $6.99, ISBN 1-84360-476-0
Fantasy Erotica, 2003

Jacob’s Faith begins in a time when the Genetics Councils are still holding the Breeds captive, so Wolves Jacob and Faith under the influence of the horny stuff are forced to have sex. Only, to spare Faith of the vaginal thing he decides to do the anal thing instead. Wait, that actually works? I thought that was just something came up by guys to get girls to still put out while waiting for the wedding night. Anyway, there are screams of pain and delight – which mirror the typical reaction of yours truly while reading a typical Lora Leigh story – and in the process, Jacob leaves that herpes sore mate mark on her shoulders.

We cut to six years later, and LOLOL, Delia Bainesmith the evil “You boink now on my command, muahahaha!” hag is dead.

We then cut to six months later, when Jacob spots an ass he knows very well and immediately realizes that it’s Faith’s. No, we don’t cut to six weeks later next, which is a pity, as the author has missed out on a great opportunity to include a subliminal message about how the brown town bounce is truly the Beast’s number. This time, it isn’t only about Faith’s back alley – he’s also going to park his car in her… everywhere.

That’s basically it. Oh, the Genetics Council cause trouble now and then, but they are barely here, so the plot may as well be sex. It happens, everywhere and every time. Not even the threat of imminent danger and death can stop them if they want to get it on right away.

“I need coffee,” she yawned. “Or I will never wake up.”

“No.” His voice was firm, almost alarmed. “No coffee. No more sex until I rest. You will kill me at this rate. Sleep for pity’s sake, Faith. We will rise when Wolfe and Hope arrive and begin our plans. I have a feeling I will need the coffee myself to deal with your stubbornness.”

From throbbing bits to pulsing beats, tongue pee-pees to heated wee-wees, this is pure Breed porn, and it’s basically why people will and should read a Lora Leigh story. Once a while the bad guys show up for a few pages and get humiliated, but once that is over with, the heaving and grunting begin anew.

Is this a bad thing? Of course not, don’t be silly. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews of the author’s titles, she is great at writing rough and often dark erotic stuff, and she’s one of the few authors who can still make the naughty stuff that takes place under more unsavory contexts work for me. On the other hand, she’s pretty terrible at world building, characterization, and continuity, so the best Lora Leigh stories are those that highlight her strengths and downplay her weaknesses. In other words, more sex, less plot please.

So yes, the plot itself is pretty bad and cringe-inducing. Seriously, at times it feels like the author is making things up as she goes along, and there is no build-up or momentum whatsoever when it comes to the Breeds versus the Genetics Council drama. At the same time… ooh, the sex. The sex. Also, Faith has gone from victim to a more independent, capable lady after being freed from her captivity, so she doesn’t get on my nerves much.

When it comes to Jacob’s Faith, you should know what you are getting into as well as what you want to get out of it. If you are looking for great plots and depths and characterization, the Breed series is really not the place to be. If you just want the sleaze and are more than happy to ignore the rest, well come on in – Jacob and Faith aren’t particularly demure and shy, and they have lots of love to share.

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