In the Flesh (1998)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on March 23, 2002 in 1 Oogie, Film Reviews, Genre: Crime & Thriller

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In the Flesh (1998)
In the Flesh (1998)

Main cast: Dane Ritter (Oliver Beck), Sandi Scheier (Sadie), and Ed Corbin (Philip Kirsch)
Director: Ben Taylor

Straight-laced undercover cop Philip Kirsch is assigned to investigate a drug syndicate that operates among the gay scene and he falls for a hustler, Oliver Beck. When Oliver is suspected of murder, Philip will have to decide whether to trust his heart or his head – the big head, that is.

Sounds like every other cop drama, doesn’t it, only with some gay thing to make it a little different from those cop dramas? However, In the Flesh boasts the singularly most horrifying acting from its cast ever. So many things are wrong from the acting to Ben Taylor’s script. Mr Taylor is too eager to present a gay character to root for in Oliver that he loses the plot completely in his overeagerness to make Oliver the Most Sensitive Tart with the Heart of Gold Ever. Oliver ends up coming off like a petulant and obsessively whiny self-absorbed twat constantly moaning about how his life sucks when he’s not beseeching the audience to embrace the love of the big old gay balloon. It’s amazing how this guy is supposed to be some hustler when he’s so ridiculously neurotic and loony to the point that any sane person will fear soliciting his services in case Oliver will start phoning the unfortunate sucker to talk about himself. It doesn’t help that Dane Ritter has the acting ability of a plank with a sad face pencilled on one surface.

Ed Corbin’s acting is pretty wretched as well. But really, when this poor man’s Robert Gant bares his backside in the only one skin scene in this movie (it’s a non-sexual skin scene as well, which may disappoint some of you out there, heh), and it’s really such an impressive backside and the camera lingers on those lovely buns for a considerable time, all is forgiven because I’m such a shallow person like that. That and the actually very good soundtrack are the only bright spots in this wretched mess of preachy and stilted dialogues, phony emoting, awful acting, and bad make-up (Dane Ritter does not look good at all when the camera goes for a close-up on his face). Like wise people would say, this movie is complete ass but man, there is a pretty fine ass in this movie, mmm hmm. Whether it’s worth the money to rent this movie and use the remote control to fast-forward it to that particular scene, I’ll let the connoisseurs out there figure that out.

Anyone knows how to capture a scene from the TV and convert it into a high-quality wallpaper for my PC?

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