Garfield: The Movie (2004)

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Garfield: The Movie (2004)
Garfield: The Movie (2004)

Main cast: Breckin Meyer (Jon Arbuckle), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Liz), Stephen Tobolowsky (Happy Chapman), and Bill Murray (Garfield)
Director: Peter Hewitt

Jon Arbuckle has a lazy fat cat named Garfield. Jon has a crush on Liz, a vet. When Liz offers Jon a dog, Odie, to adopt, Jon of course agrees. When Garfield ends up driving Odie into the hands of evil dog food dude Happy Chapman, Garfield is driven to rescue Odie, and I am driven to drink as a result.

The plot is predictable, which is to be expected. Breckin Meyer isn’t what I imagine Jon Arbuckle to look like and he is more genial and sweet than sad. Fine, I can do with that. Jennifer Love Hewitt is okay, not that good but not too irritating either. On the other hand, Garfield is obnoxious and the CGI is hideous. I don’t know why they don’t render Odie in computer generated animation the way Garfield is, but I do know that the disco dancing Odie thing is simply the worst thing I’ve ever seen in a long time.

I really try to find something worthwhile in Garfield: The Movie, but I really can’t. This movie isn’t even a little amusing to be worth the time and money. This is one time where I can safely say that the newspaper strips are better. At least those strips take up only a minute of my time.

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