F*ck Club: Con by Shiloh Walker

Posted by Mrs Giggles on July 12, 2018 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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F*ck Club: Con by Shiloh Walker
F*ck Club: Con by Shiloh Walker

Shiloh Walker, $2.99
Contemporary Romance, 2017

F*ck Club: Con is the story of Conner Steele who used to sell his body alongside his brother Riley for lots and lots of money. Hey, with names like that, can you blame them for going into the skin trade? Let this be a lesson to everyone: if you want your kids to get respectable jobs, don’t give them porn actor names. Anyway, by the end of the previous story, the brothers and their BFF decide to hang up their… hats, as prostitution isn’t exactly something the law approves of.

So, in this story, Con is “merely” a respectable co-owner of a bar. No more wagging it out for money, he’d do the more respectable thing of wagging it out for free. Only, he shouldn’t wag it at the employees, oh no. But not if the new hot employee Shawntelle Callahan has her way. Only, she has her personal reasons to want to see that thing up close and personal, and it probably won’t make Con happy should it ever comes out into the open…

Okay, to be honest, the conflict isn’t that dramatic. In fact, it’s almost inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things, because this story is more about getting Con and Shawntelle to bump uglies and, for some reason, set up my anticipation for the next book. Not that I have any issues about a story that is all about hoes and hoedowns, but in this one, the temperature never goes higher than a mild version of some Harlequin Blaze thing. The sex feels perfunctory, clinical even as if it were written down between yawns during a boring obstetrics and gynecology lecture. Let me put it this way: the hottest naughty scene is between Con and his favorite happy hour hand. Something is not right when the heroine’s presence in the hero’s bed actually chills the mood.

Hmm, that has me thinking: will a romance story between the hero and himself ever work? Just imagine, a romantic suspense featuring a cop saving the world, only to come home and switch on some Marvin Gaye before getting into the bathtub with a tube of lube and woosh, it’s loving time, happily ever after. You think that can work, or it’d be something un-romance-y?

Oh yes, this story. It’s alright, and it’s a bit steamier than the previous book, but the lightweight plot and romance can be quite the letdown.

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