Assassin! by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson

Posted by Mrs Giggles on February 7, 2009 in 5 Oogies, Gamebook Reviews, Series: The Way of the Tiger

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Assassin! by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson
Assassin! by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson

Knight Books, £3.99, ISBN 0-340-37788-7
Fantasy, 1985


Assassin! is a solid follow-up to Avenger!, with the plot taking off from where the previous book left off. Therefore, if you have played the previous campaign, you carry over the items you have left by the end of the previous campaign. Fortunately, your God, Kwon the Redeemer, has healed you to full 20 Endurance points and restored your Inner Force, which is great because you have a tough fight ahead of you.

You are Avenger, a ninja from the Island of Tranquil Dreams. In the previous campaign, you have traveled across the Endless Sea to the continent of Manmarch in pursuit of Yaemon, the monk who slew your foster father. Yaemon had with him the Scrolls of Kettsuin, powerful artifacts containing words that can bind even gods to a bottomless pit of fire called the Inferno. Yaemon planned to bind your god, naturally, but you managed to slay him and his allies in a deadly showdown in the Quench-Heart Keep. Now, your plan is simple: stay alive, flee Quench-Heart Keep, and find a way back home and return the Scrolls of Kettsuin to your temple, where hopefully they will do a better job in keeping them safe this time around. Since you have thwarted powerful minions of three evil gods, you can be assured that your enemies will be out in full force to ensure that you will not reach home in one piece.

This campaign has a very basic plot, but it is nonetheless a very exciting one. Making a thrilling escape from Quench-Heart Keep, you will then embark on a series of very memorable encounters. There are some interesting friends and enemies to meet as well. The fun never falters. The difficulty level is high, but more often than not, you will die only if you make foolish decisions. It is also great how the authors arrange the villains – the last villain you encounter is what they would call a breather boss, someone that can be quite easily defeated, but this villain is also a memorable one as… well, you will find out for yourself when you play this one. Not that there is a shortage of tough villains here. There is a son of the God of the Void, Nil, that you will fight as well as several Japanese-influenced demons, and those are just some of the welcoming committee awaiting you.

Avenger! starts the party with the bang, and Assassin! keeps the momentum going. This is a good one.


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