Across an Ocean of Dreams by 2002

Posted by Mrs Giggles on March 7, 2002 in 1 Oogie, Music Reviews, Type: New Age

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Across an Ocean of Dreams by 2002
Across an Ocean of Dreams by 2002

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New Age, 2002


2002 is the name of the duo made up by Pamela and Randy Copus. Like its unabashedly unoriginal title, this album consists of slow, sluggish elevator muzak that makes Yanni look like the new Beethoven. There are women choirs going “Aah-aah ooh-ooh” and piano and violins soar in unoriginal compositions.

It’s like what happens when Enya and Yanni get together and create less talented mutant kids. Across an Ocean of Dreams seems to cater to the unthinking viscera, like every other “water” themed albums out there. They all sound the same, lacking variation in rhythms and imagination. Just put in Richard Clayderman-style piano bits, get an orchestra to play violin and crescendo at the predictable moments, and hey ho, armchair new age pacifists can snore off to dreams of shagging dolphins or something.

I guess this is where I say something deep about water flowing over my nerves and calming me by releasing my inner multiple orgasms or something? I took a look at the reviews at Amazon for this CD, and frankly, that’s what fans of 2002 seem to be yammering about. Water around my loins tingle my tingly-bits or something.

Well, I kinda like the last two minutes of The Ocean Dreams, and that’s it. This album is useful though when I have problems sleeping. Elevator music in its most generic, thy name is 2002.

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