Survivor by Destiny’s Child

Posted May 8, 2001 by Mrs Giggles in 3 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Urban Contemporary / 0 Comments.

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Survivor by Destiny's Child

Survivor by Destiny’s Child

Urban Contemporary, 2001


Destiny Child’s latest CD Survivor is meant to be an epic album full of anthems of women’s courage and independence. But it’s all shallow. Independent Women Part I and Part II are all about women making money, lots of money, to buy jewelry and cars without relying on a man’s money. Nice, but is wealth the sole measure of independence?

Okay, forget the lyrics. Forget the irritating self-congratulatory nonsense like the Outro which has our three ladies vowing that nothing will come between them (I’ll wait until the next break-up and member rearrangement). There are some beautiful pieces like The Gospel Medley. And Independent Women Part I is a fabulous song despite its nonsense lyrics.

But there are too many songs crafted in the same repetitious mode as Independent Women Part I. A rapidly sung chant-like verse, a chorus that has all three ladies chanting a line or two again and again (“I’m a survivor! I’m a survivor!” or “All the women who are independent – throws your hands up at me! All the honeys making’ money – throw yours hands up at me!”). And underneath the slick lip-gloss pop perfection, there’s very little else to chew on. Unless, of course, you like to hear Beyoncé Knowles screeching her lungs out. Wonder how long the other two gals will be content to stay in the background.

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