Winning Her Forever by Harmony Evans

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 11, 2018 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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Winning Her Forever by Harmony Evans
Winning Her Forever by Harmony Evans

Kimani, $6.50, ISBN 978-1-335-21685-4
Contemporary Romance, 2018

Sonya Young, formerly a ballerina because we’re back in the 1980s, heads back home to Bay Point, California, to sort out the matter of her family home being on the verge of foreclosure. That matter is soon taken care of, and now she wants to fix up the place. Fortunately, Trent Waterson, the tutor of the “Everyday Repair” class she signed up for at the community college, is a “construction entrepreneur” who specializes in renovating homes and selling them for big bucks.

He’s very rich, collecting custom motorcycles and stuff while appearing to never working that much to rake in the dough, so it’s probably a good thing that the author tells me that he and his brother inherited the business and hence the money from their father. Or else, I’d think he’s selling drugs on the side to get all that money. To be fair, she doesn’t seem to need to work either – either her ballerina career paid off a lot, or she had a few sugar daddies to help her build up her nest egg back in those days. Not that I am judging these two if they made their money through less orthodox means – it may actually pave way for some interesting developments in this story.

At any rate, these two start sparking, talk a lot about things (there’s a good reason why she stayed away from Bay Point all this while), and make love, before they decide to embark on a happily ever after by the last page. The end.

Okay, I should say more about Winning Her Forever, or people will say that I am slacking, but this is a story that is pleasant, doesn’t really do anything awful, but at the same time never does anything to become memorable either. The focus in on the romance, and the cast of sequel baits is manageable without being too intrusive, and the main characters are pleasant and likable sorts, but everything that happens here falls on the “okay” side. The romance is okay, the characters are okay, and the love scenes are also okay, but I wish there’s something more here to savor. The plot is on the very lightweight side, and the conversations are mostly about either mundane things or issues that I’ve come across way too many times before.

So yes, this one is a pretty decent read. It’s a nice way to pass some time in another pleasant place where everyone is hot, friendly, and willing to match make you with one of their own the moment you step foot into that place, but there are already many stories of this sort. As nice as this one is, merely serving up the same old tropes without going out of the way to stand out from the glut is probably not the way to do things.

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