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Dear Egg Cave Members
Please shut up about the dramatics, the TMI, the whining, and the pouting because nobody cares.

A Guide to Neopets for Beginners
This is a very short but simple list of things any new Neopets players should know in order to prevent any heartbreaks, burn-out, and other tragic consequences.

Why Grundos Are Hot
Too many people are picking disgusting Shoyrus, deplorable Acaras, and hideous Lupes over the adorable Grundo, and I am here to set the matter straight. Adopt a Grundo today or else!


Horatio Caine Must Die
All CSI shows have the same formula. A nerdy, eccentric forensics doctor. A kickass token attractive female. A wisecracking young guy. The moody and melancholic older female character. A know-it-all team leader. But Haratio Caine has the be most irritating CSI formula of all time!