Grundo Bo Bee Boo Beep

Grundos are not from Neopia. They are cute dim-witted blobs from the moon, Kreludor, which had been mutated into green blobs with manboobs by Dr Frank Sloth in one of his many failed attempts to turn Neopia into a better world.

Now that Dr Frank Sloth is off somewhere doing who knows what, the Grundos have happily settled down in various parts of Neopia as well as the Virtua Space Station. Most of the Grundos remaining in Kreludor are the Orange Grundos as they tend to be a bit more timid compared to their brethrens when it comes to exploring the new world. Nowadays, Grundos have become part of the Neopian fauna, most people have ceased to be awed by them.

Why You Should Love Grundos

They are cute. Look at them! They have no neck, they have big adorable eyes, and those antennae are so cute.

Not to mention, people won't point and laugh at you for being a furry if you love Grundos. They won't lump you with those sad people on DeviantArt who draw pornographic images of Lupes and Acaras making Shoyru babies. By loving Grundos, you are not a boring and unimaginative dweeb who loves Draiks and Krawks just because they are expensive pets. You are, in other words, a cut above the typical embarassing furry-loving little kid that is the stereotypical Neopets fan. You aren't just some Boring Furry Neopets Player #433,185 or Dragon-Crazy Twelve Year Old Kid #4,666,109 or Rich Neopets Player With No Life Who Trades Expensive Pets Every Month #2,454. You are an Original because you love Grundos.

You will also save both real money and Neopoints because Grundos, with their lack of neck and cute rounded bodies, look terrible when made to wear most of the geegaws sold in both the clothes shop and the NeoCash shop. Their short legs mean that pants will be a wasted investment as these pants end up just a small strip of color around their crotch. T-shirts end just around the midpart of their belly, which frankly creates a rather obscene picture as they end up looking even more naked than when they are truly naked. If I am making sense here. Therefore, Grundos only need a good background and maybe some trinkets. That's about it. You will be spared from the embarrassment of turning your adorable Grundo into a pink-colored monstrosity covered in frills and ribbons. This is a good thing, trust me.

But I Hear Grundos All Start Out As Dim-Witted

True, but that's part of their charm. Why would you want a smart Grundo anyway?

What Kinds Of Grundos Are There?

The most common colors are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown, and White - all of which are available from the start. Other useless Neopets start out with only four available basic colors to pick from. Grundos are special like that.

There are some variations of the above seven colors thanks to crossbreeding. Luckily for you, most of them are so ugly, you won't want to waste money getting paintbrushes for them. Spotted Grundos are okay - I have one. Pink and Orange Grundos are fine too, but frankly, I don't know why you want them when you already have Red Grundos. Grey Grundos are really cute when they are unconverted, but you won't get one that easily, so don't lose sleep about that.

The other Grundos are mostly misses. Faerie Grundos are too dark and they lack detail - they resemble blackish blue blobs. Snow Grundos are hideous. Pirate Grundos look even more dim-witted than your average Grundo. Desert Grundos look like a kid forced by Michael Jackson to play dress up. Mallow Grundos... yucks. Sponge Grundos are just plain ugly.

However, Christmas Grundos have lovely outfits, and I have one to which I've added some shoes and a T-shirt to look more adorable than before. Magma Grundos have some beautiful patterns on their bodies. Island Grundos are cute, original, and interesting. Snot Grundos look too beautiful for words. Yes, I want an Island Grundo and a Snot Grundo. Darigan Grundos and Royal Grundos are average - nothing too amazing, but nothing too horrible either.

In conclusion, you won't be desperate for paintbrushes and Grundo Morphing Potions are generally cheaper than those of other Neopets. You'll save money and time if you love Grundos, and you'll have a less stressful time playing Neopets as a result!

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