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Hot Sauce Reviews came to be in 1999 on Geocities. Over the years, it moved to the also now-defunct Go Network, then no-longer-around Worldzone, before we wised up and could afford our own hosting and domain names. Alas, many content had come and been lost during free web site closures, etc. Well, until now. We've uncovered as much old content as we could from our old files, and placed them here for posterity!

Yes, this website is deliberately designed to look like a 1990s blast from the past, because nostalgia is great.

Sorry, This Area Is Not Mobile Friendly :(

Trixie Loin Publishing and Romance Novel Pom-Pom Central are not mobile-friendly. They were designed in the early 2000s, and changing the layout to a more responsive one will be defeating the purpose of these deliberately awful parody sites.

Hot Sauce Reviews