Wyoming Wildflower by Pam Crooks

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Wyoming Wildflower by Pam Crooks
Wyoming Wildflower by Pam Crooks

Leisure, $4.99, ISBN 0-8439-4843-4
Historical Romance, 2001


Sonnie Mancuso needs a life. Now that’s just my opinion, but this woman spends her whole life regretting that she is not a son to her father. She learns animal husbandry just to please Daddy. She comes home when she hears that her Daddy has fallen ill, hoping to take over the ranch even if Daddy has said again and again “No, no, no!” Naturally, when she finds that Daddy has selected Lance Harmon to be the new boss, she is fit to be tied.

Her next actions are to prove to Daddy how much she can be a guy. This means a lot of stupid antics from her that more often than not culminate with her humiliation before the guys. But like a Looney Tunes baddie, she comes back for more. Oh, poor Sonnie. Go get a sex change, will ya?

Lance is a better hero with a sympathetic – if typical – lousy family background. But if I were him, I’d wonder if Sonnie’s attraction to me is genuine love or a case of infusion of penis envy. Some evil ranchers come in to cause trouble for the obligatory “Save the tomboy!” antics, and I close this book wishing someone would put Sonnie out of her misery.

But apart from Sonnie, Wyoming Wildflower is pretty readable. It’s just that Sonnie’s metaphorical crotch-stuffing antics get old after a while. She isn’t even a confused lesbian, which makes her antics even more dim-witted as a result. Oh, well.

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