When Morning Comes (1983)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on March 31, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: The Hitchhiker

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When Morning Comes (1983)
When Morning Comes (1983)

Main cast: August Schellenberg (Bob Ames), Pamela Bowman (Cathy Marks), Tabitha Herrington (Sally Harris), and Page Fletcher (The Hitchhiker)
Director: Ivan Nagy

Wait, The Hitchhiker is a soft-porn series, am I right? A lot of skin is on display here, thanks to Pamela Bowman mostly as she is either naked or barely clothed throughout the episode, but August Schellenberg is no slouch either as he shows off his rear end and the, uh, undergrowth down there. Yes, you can see the ass and crotch of that dude in those Free Willy movies, isn’t that great? The sex scene is complete with simulated thrusting and all, so it’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t watching this with kids. That would be awkward.

When Morning Comes is also unintentionally hilarious in that it has the hitchhiker fellow interacting with Bob Ames. Because Page Fletcher replaced the original actor that played the hitchhiker and they spliced his scenes into this episode long after everything else had been shot, it’s pretty obvious here that both men are never in the same scene. I wonder why they replaced the original actor; maybe Page Fletcher looks better in jeans as heaven knows, it’s not like this show so far has anything going for it other than gratuitous nudity.

Amos is a sleazy womanizer who drops his job as an advertising executive in the entertaining industry as part of his gameplan to score with as many women as possible. It’s okay, he claims that his wife is understanding when it comes to his “needs”. When he heads off to his cabin in the woods for a spot of hunting and finds a woman wearing only a towel there, he is ecstatic. Cathy claims to be a sweet girl who loves animals and even wants to be an animal (don’t ask), and she bares her breasts and asks for a shag shortly after talking to him. You know what they say about things being too good to be true, however, as he soon hears over the radio that there is a murderous woman who had recently escaped from a lunatic asylum. The description of that woman fits Cathy, and it is said that the woman loves to slash men’s throats with a knife. Wait, how many knives were originally there in the kitchen again?

Apart from Pamela Bowman showing almost everything and August Schellenberg showing almost just as much, there isn’t much to this episode. However Cathy be the loony is too obvious for a show that needs a twist somehow, so when the twist does come, it’s not exactly a shocker. In the meantime, this episode seems to have nothing left to show after the initial sex scene, so it tries to kill time by having an increasingly ridiculous cat and mouse game between Cathy and Bob. With guns involved. Sadly it’s nowhere as fun as it sounds – the whole thing just comes off as silly and dragged out.

There’s certainly a lot of skin and sleaze here, aptly enough for an episode that has the word “comes” in the title, but at the end of the day, it leaves me high and dry. Come on, let’s see something more – surely the show doesn’t expect to rely on the actors getting naked alone to get to the finish line!

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