Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by The Cranberries

Posted March 1, 2001 by Mrs Giggles in 1 Oogie, Music Reviews, Type: Rock & Alternative / 0 Comments

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by The Cranberries

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee by The Cranberries

Pop Rock, 2001


The Cranberries’s latest album Wake Up and Smell the Coffee is so tired that it is painful to listen. The first single, Analyze, is Linger‘s bastard child, and it’s a good indication of the overall sound of this album.

There are mutant bastard children of all their previous albums in this album, and the entire déjà vu is so overpowering that I feel really cheated of my money. Dolores O’Riordon Burton’s vocals are always clear and great to the ears, but the album is really boring. I will really need to smell the coffee to stay awake throughout the album.

I want my money back.

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