Vitamin C by Vitamin C

Posted by Mrs Giggles on October 8, 1999 in 4 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Pop

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Vitamin C by Vitamin C
Vitamin C by Vitamin C

Elektra Entertainment
Pop, 1999


Put a smile on your face
Make the world a better place!

Colleen Fitzpatrick has ditched her leather and rock roots in Eve’s Plum for a pseudo-reggae/R&B pop sound under the name Vitamin C. And it works. Vitamin C is a fun, buoyant album that works like a charm because Vitamin C manages to convey her sincerity in the trite lyrics she sings about.

Smile and I did just that. Vitamin C wants me to have a good time while being myself, and she makes doing these things fun. She kicks out a lousy cheating boyfriend in that rump-swaying Me, Myself and I, complete with chuckle-inducing lyrics, such as:

Then there was the one who couldn’t make up his mind
Always checkin’ other girlies on the check-out line
He says, “Honey I only look but I never would touch”
‘Til I catch him with Alisha at the back of the bus

Girls, stand up for yourself and rely on no one, she says, and I must say it’s not a bad advice.

Then there’s the spacey pop of great hooks and catchy choruses in Turn Me On and Money, and I Got You rocks. But Vitamin C is only human, and she sings about a lousy relationship on the rocks in the heartfelt Unhappy Anniversary.

For a grand finale after a wonderful one hour of pure exuberant pop, let’s all hold hands and cry our tears out in Pachelbel-inspired Graduation (Friends Forever). So the lyrics is cheesy, but she hits right on the mark on the pain of leaving and the fear of insecurity anyone, not just the students, face upon a great change in one’s lives.

As we go, we’ll remember
All the times we’ve got together
As our lives change, come whatever
We will still be friends forever

I know, lousy corny words, but the heart is there. Which is why I am sniffling into my hankies. It’s an apropos song to end this fun, poppy album. Vitamin C has graduated with flying colors.

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