Virtual Future (1995)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on February 22, 2019 in 3 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: The Outer Limits

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The Choice (1995)
The Choice (1995)

Main cast: Josh Brolin (Dr Jack Pierce), Kelly Rowan (Isabelle Pierce), Bruce French (Wayne Fowler), and David Warner (Bill Trenton)
Director: Joseph L Scanlan

The most hilarious thing about Virtual Future is its depiction of virtual reality, which sees someone having to wear an ugly jumpsuit and having all kinds of large wires and curls stuck to it that the person resembles as spring mattress that has just exploded.

Dr Jack Pierce is only starting to discover that his virtual reality device also allows its users a glimpse into their future. He knows it’s the future, because he tries the machine himself and it lets him see something that happens to come to pass a few minutes later.  How exciting! At the same time, funding for his research gets cut off, but once industrialist Bill Trenton discovers what the machine can do, he quickly restores the cash flow. You see, he wants to use it too… to become the President of the United States! Can Jack’s conscience kick in in time and stop Bill from becoming Donald Trump long before Donald Trump comes to be?

Wait, did this show just do that “Hollywood hates Trump” thing long before it comes to be?

Did the scriptwriter Shawn Alex Thompson use a similar machine of his own?

If so, there’s an impeachment in Bill’s future, so… let’s rejoice and do the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dance while smoking a joint with Kamala Harris?

Hmm, how did the Russian bots factor into this picture?

What, this episode? Well, Josh Brolin looks so young here, making me realize that he is one fellow who only gets hot after reaching a certain age. David Warner plays David Warner, as usual. The episode itself is a standard “nerd realizes that he has created a bad thing and tries to stop its use” story beloved by shows like this, and the “twist” can be seen coming. Still, the whole thing is pretty watchable, but if somewhat predictable and forgettable.

Now, tell me more about those Russian bots…

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