Unraveled by Jaci Burton

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Unraveled by Jaci Burton
Unraveled by Jaci Burton

Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-248-0
Contemporary Romance, 2008


Mitch Magruder, the world famous surfer, wants to buy Greta Mason’s rundown motel. He runs a very successful property development company and he has his eyes set on building a resort in that very spot currently occupied by the motel. Alas, she refused the offer when it was made through his representatives. Since Greta is the sister of Mitch’s old friend, he decides that making a trip down to his hometown of Ft Lincoln Beach, Florida, to put on his big smile and charm Greta into saying yes will be his best course of action.

When Mitch pulls up at the Crystal Sands Motel, however, his libido gives an hallelujah when he realizes that Greta has become a desirable woman since he last saw her twenty years ago. When he realizes that Greta will never sell the motel because it means a lot to her, the poor man is going to realize that when it comes to love, things are never as simple as one would like them to be.

There is no misunderstanding in this story, so don’t worry about that, folks – Mitch is very open from the moment he meets Greta about his intention to buy her property. Oh, and be patient with Greta – she can be a very silly prideful person at times, but she will come to in the end to give me a most heartwarming scene of epiphany and reconciliation.

Everything else about Unraveled makes it a perfect read for the holiday season. There is some romantic and tender scenes between Greta and Mitch as they reconnect and explore their feelings for each other. This is a very short story, but there are plenty of heartwarming moments to make me feel all warm inside. Or is that the beer… Anyway, the characters have a very sweet and heartfelt romance here and they end up addressing all the issues that may stand between them and their happily ever after in a sensible manner that bodes well for the longevity of their relationship. The pacing is just right, the kids aren’t annoying (they are cute, actually), and I’m all happy and content at the end of the day.

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