Unan1mous: Episode 4

Aaaah! The show begins from where it last left off, with the Herd having just voted for the latest Outcast. Meanwhile, the money is down to $720,122. JD reveals that Adam is the latest Outcast. Tarah reveals to the camera that she, Jameson, and Vanessa decide to take out Adam because Adam is a "strong player". And wa-hey, Steve also voted for Adam despite initiating a final-three alliance with Adam and Jonathan in the previous episode because, as he explains to the camera, he feels that Adam is a "reader of people" because he plays poker and therefore Adam is "very dangerous". I don't know. If Adam can read people that well, he won't be on a crappy reality TV show.

Adam somewhat angrily stands out and walks around the table to grab his jumpsuit of shame. He tells the camera that this game is like a poker game (of course) and he will keep playing until he wins again. Since JD already said that Outcasts are not eligible to win a single cent, I wonder what Adam has in mind to "win". He adds with a shake of his head that he has a challenge now, apparently one that he is "looking for" to make his life more interesting, and now he thinks it won't be easy to overcome that challenge. Wait a minute, so he was playing for himself? So what was all that confessionals in the past about giving Steve the money all about then? It is starting to seem that these people are still lying when they give their supposedly honest confessionals.

Now JD brings up the matter of Jamie wanting to leave. JD helpfully mentions how "extreme" the environment in the Bunker is. He stops the clock once again and asks Jamie to confirm whether she is leaving. Jamie sobs that she wants to stay but now that she is leaving, she wants everyone to stay true, don't lie, and all. What a twit. Vanessa says that it is best that Jamie leaves, not because that this means that there is one less competitor for Vanessa, but because Vanessa feels that Jamie can recuperate better when she's far away from the rest of the Herd. Steve says that he will be sad to see the money slashed in half away. Jamie leaves after giving everyone a hug. JD reveals however that the prize money will not be slashed in half because Jamie is leaving for "medical reasons". Vanessa happily tells the camera that she is so glad that the money isn't slashed in half as it is because she'd love to take home "a big fat juicy pie". I guess now that the money is still pretty plentiful, all that concern about Jamie is fast evaporating from the self-declared den mother here. Steve tells the camera that Jamie is their "last ray of hope for selflessness" (read: Jamie is moron) because Jamie is thinking of giving the money to those who are really "deserving" (read: Steve). Steve doesn't know that Jamie voted for Tarah in the Inner Circle, heh. As Jamie walks to the exit, she reminds the others to "stay true". The crickets chirp. Jamie tells the camera that it's hard to recuperate in the Bunker so she's leaving.

Adam tells the camera that Kelly and Jamie are gone but he is still in the game, only he's wearing a different outfit and he doesn't have the ball at the moment. No, I don't know what he is trying to say at all. Maybe that's why he's not so much of a success as a professional poker player. JD reminds the Herd that life in the Bunker is very hard but they can all leave if they give an unanimous vote at the next Inner Circle. Isn't that simple, kiddies?

Later that day, a female voice announces that meals are being served in the dining area. Prison trays on what seems like a conveyor belt cleverly disguised to look "futuristic" emerge from a slot in the wall. Here, Adam's unwillingness to eat at the same table with the other Herd members or even talk to them bothers a few of them. Richard hilariously tells the others that he doesn't know how much he should reach out to Adam because Adam does seem upset. I don't think Adam will even want Richard to look at him, much less reach out to him. Adam now gives a really bizarre confessional where he says that as an Outcast, he has to make sure that he's alienated by the others because that's what an Outcast is. Then he claims that he has a strategy: he doesn't want the others to know what he is doing or thinking. But as far as he's concerned the others can think that he's weird though, it seems. Hmm.

As Adam just stands in the corner playing with poker chips in his hands (I wonder where he gets those), Jonathan tells the others to just let Adam be but Vanessa can't help asking Adam to at least sit down with them. Adam says that he doesn't want to because he's already out of the game. Vanessa assures him that he isn't because he still has to decide who to give the money to. I'm sure that will make him feel so much better. Who cares if Adam is no longer in the running for the money? He can make someone else a winner and that's a... er, nice thing to do, I suppose.

Vanessa tells the camera that she likes Adam and she wants to know where he is "coming from". She should be careful about what she wishes for because now Adam explains to them that in a "clan", once someone is "outcast-ed", that means the others don't want to have anything to do with that person anymore. Adam illustrates this by saying, "In other words, leave the village because we really aren't diggin' on ya; we don't want a part of it, although... we can play the Rudolph scenario where you guys are the reindeer" - here Richard is grinning at how ridiculous Adam is becoming - "and I wasn't playing in the game the other and all of a sudden you need me to fly your sleigh so you need Rudolph right back into the mix again!" Vanessa blinks and stares at Adam in stupefaction as Adam continues, "Wouldn't it be smart for me to kinda do my own thing at this point?" In short, he is saying the same thing that he said to the camera a while ago, only this time there are clans, reindeer, and sleighs showing up in his thought trajectories.

Vanessa says that if she's Adam, she would still want to be part of things so that she can listen and make a good decision. Again, Vanessa is playing the "give the money to someone who is worthy" card. She doesn't believe that. But if she believes that others in the Bunker believe that, she's crazy. Adam says that Vanessa is just trying to get him to do things her way and when she tries to tell him that he can make an "educated guess" better when he's mxing with them, he counters by saying that he can make a better educated guess if he's not distracted by the "bullshit" of those people. He tells the others that they keep "ranting and raving" non-stop about the same things over and over but at the same time they are all lying to each other. "Give me a break here," he tells them. Oh dear, I feel like standing up and clapping for him there and then. It must be the mention of the reindeer that reminds me of Christmas, I think, that softens me a little inside. As Adam walks away from the others, he tells the camera that Vanessa has been strategizing alright and she has burned him once so he's now determined to take her "out of the running".

Adam puts his plan in motion by telling Steve that he of course cannot tell Steve how he came to the realization but Vanessa was the one who switched the vote in the Inner Circle in the second episode and cost Steve the money. Steve suspected it was Tarah at first but he seems receptive to Adam's "revelation". Still, he tells the camera that he has no idea who voted against him. As Steve walks away, Adam smiles evilly for the sake of the camera. No, no, this show is not scripted at all.

Jameson reveals to the camera that he has "worked his ass off" taking down details and numbers of the people around him. In a private conversation with Tarah, he tells her that Steve and Jonathan have been "talking way too much" and brings up the fact that Steve has to go. It will be he, Tarah, and Vanessa as a team and they are sorry if the others don't like that but that's the way things are, he tells Tarah. Tarah tells the camera that Jameson is her closest ally because he's the one person she trusts. Whether this confessional is a foreshadowing of a moment in the future when Jameson will betray her, I guess I'll have to wait and see. She adds that she'd like to see Jameson win if she can't win. Does this mean that she's vote against Jameson winning the money in the future? Hmm. Back to those two, Tarah either tells Jameson that Vanessa knows that they will all watch each other's back to the very end or Vanessa knows that Jameson and Tarah will watch each other's back. Tarah isn't very clear who she is referring to when she says "we" to Jameson. Jameson tells the camera that his alliance with Tarah is strong because it's based on their shared wish to win the money and the "Outcast vote", where they know they will have each other's back when one is an Outcast and one is in the running to win the money. Jameson and Tarah may be the first alliance on this show that seems to have an idea of how to play the game, good for them.

As the counter drops to the $670,000 range now, Jonathan and Adam tell Richard that Vanessa was the one that lied about voting for Steve. Jonathan tells the camera that he and Adam are using Richard to get Vanessa, who he calls a "threat", out of the game. Jonathan tells Richard that it's been "proven" that Vanessa lied. Richard, being Richard, of course doesn't ask what the "proof" is. Jonathan tells Richard that Vanessa sits back and be quiet - cue scene of Vanessa doing just that - or laughing and giggling - cue scene of Vanessa sitting on a chair and laughing out loud - but she's actually "evil". Cue a really amusing scene of Vanessa giving the camera a narrow-eyed half-grimace expression that seems actually more constipated than evil. Jonathan tells Richard that the next goal is to eliminate Vanessa. To the camera, Jonathan boasts that Richard is his "pawn" in his "personal game of chess", and he thinks that he can convince Richard of "just about anything".

Elsewhere, Steve is telling Tarah and Jameson that they all can still "mold" and "shape" the votes at the Inner Circle. Is this guy still trying to convince the others to throw an unanimous vote for him? Hey, buddy, I think that ship left the harbor a while back and I don't think it's coming back. Jameson says that he loves it when Steve is trying to play him because Jameson intends to play him back as well, heh. Jameson and Tarah are convinced that Richard is on their side and they agree that Richard, being a mere soldier, doesn't need to know the "masterplan" of these people, a plan that of course never includes him. Jameson tells the camera that he has a solid alliance with Tarah and their main focus is to get rid of Steve so that their plans will all fall in motion. I wish I know a little more as to what that "plan" is but nobody is telling me anything, damn it. Jameson thinks that Steve won't know what hit him. Meanwhile, Steve calls for them to hold hands on the promise that nobody is working anybody. Tarah merely says, "I hope not!" Jameson chuckles to the camera that he has become "cut-throat" the moment he openly lies to Steve like that and admits to liking that feeling. He claims that the game has changed him as a person. I suppose that's his excuse and he'll stick through it to the bitter end. After Steve has left them alone, Tarah calls Steve "that fuck" and tells Jameson that she doesn't trust Steve because Steve is such a bad liar. Jameson tells Tarah that it's time to start playing dirty. Meanwhile, the female voice comes on to tell everyone to go to bed. Hello, shirtless Steve.

Jonathan greets the morning with a cheerful "I'm going bonkers in the Bunker!" He voices over that everyone is becoming paranoid because they don't know what's up or down or what time or day it is. I love how the camera shows Richard sitting happily at the table and smiling at the camera as Jonathan voices over about how unhappy people are becoming. I think Jonathan and Richard are the only ones that are actually feeling closest to happiness at the moment, although they are obviously being happy for very different reasons. Jonathan tells the camera that everyone's mind is "totally warped". Cue scene of Tarah going "blah-blah-blah" by vibrating her lower lip as she and a few others take what seems like bamboo poles and play around with them to pass the time. The Nerd members complain about the boredom, with Richard winning the award for best confessional ever when he says that no wonder people go "stir-crazy" in the Bunker.

Finally, it's time to head over to the Inner Circle. Jameson confirms to the camera that he and Tarah will be voting for each other to spoil the unanimous vote. Richard tells the camera that he finds it most annoying to watch the prize money go down every second because the money could have been his. Yeah right. Is it just me or is it too easy to imagine Richard spending hours just staring at the ticker every day? JD comes on and orders them to vote.

Intermission time. The theme this time is "If I had my way". If Vanessa has her way, she'd get a chicken sandwich in her tray for the next meal. Tarah says that she will stay and play the game the best she can. I don't know if this confessional is taken after she has been booted. I hope that the editors haven't stupidly spoiled their own show like that. Steve wishes that it will be he, Adam, and Jonathan as the final three. Yeah, and he is the first to betray Adam so I don't know who he is trying to fool with that confessional.

Back to the Inner Circle, the Herd cast their votes and JD now reads them out loud. First one goes to Richard. Steve tells the camera that he is not worried one bit about Richard winning the money because Richard will never "be a viable part of this game" or "affect the outcome" according to Steve. We'll see, we'll see. Next vote also goes to Richard. Richard has me howling in laughter when he tells the camera that he's in the "cat bird seat" because he's sure that almost everyone in the Bunker will want him to win the money as he's clearly the most sympathetic one here. He insists that people like him for the most part. Bwahahahaha. He's so funny, he's like a real life cartoon character. He has no idea, has he, that the only way he will win is if everyone mistakenly assumes that nobody will vote for Richard so they all even up voting for him? Jonathan doesn't mince words as he tells the camera that Richard sits there looking smug and happy like Richard is some sneaky player. Jonathan says that Richard's strategy is "retarded" and Richard just lucked out to get two votes. "Richard's nuts, by the way," says Jonathan, twirling his finger at the side of his head in the universal gesture for "he's truly bonkers". It will be hilarious if Richard and Jonathan end up becoming allies and good buddies later in the game. Next vote is for Steve, which could have been Richard's vote. The fourth vote goes to Vanessa, however, so that means that there is no unanimous vote this time. One more vote goes to Jameson, one to Jonathan, and the last one to Tarah. Jameson and Tarah keep their word to each other, obviously.

JD restarts the ticker and announces that the Herd will choose another person as Outcast. However, there's a twist here: the Outcast will receive a mysterious box. What is in it? Information and secrets, as Adam suspected? I love this! I love how the show dares the Herd to make someone an Outcast even if it means that the Outcast will gain some scary leverage over them. Anyway, Adam goes first into the Isolation Room and he nominates Vanessa. Jonathan is next and he nominates Vanessa. Tarah votes for Steve, as per her plan with Jameson to disrupt Steve's control in the Bunker. Steve nominates. Vanessa nominates Jonathan, explaining to the camera that Jonathan will misuse the money if he wins the money. Unlike Vanessa who plans to start a missionary in India, of course. Richard's nomination is not shown, although I love how he solemnly tells JD, "You're welcome!" after JD thanks him for his nomination. I think we should put Richard as a prop in the next Big Brother, where his role is to drive the Houseguests nuts day and night.

JD reveals that Steve has the most votes. Steve goes to the camera that he was betrayed. He never saw that coming and concedes that he may not be as smart as he thinks he is. JD rubs it in by telling Steve that he once was just one vote short of bagging the money and now he's an Outcast. That's so mean, JD. All Steve wants to do is to make his in-laws happy! As Steve collects the box, Jonathan says that maybe there are some money inside the box. On this show? I don't think so. If it is a prize, I'd wager that it's either a Whopper or some vouchers for free fries, and that's if the show is in the mood to spent a single cent on the Nerds. Tarah says that they didn't want Steve to be in control and now look, who knows what Steve has in the box that may or may not give him more control over the others. And that's why I love this twist! Torture the Herd! Prod them mercilessly! Show them no reprieve!

JD gives Steve the combination number of the box - 971A - and tells Steve to open the box. What's in the box? Predictably, I will have to wait until the next episode to find out.

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