Every Dog Has His Day
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart: Episode 6

No monkey business! Previously, there was a team reshuffle ordered by Martha because she didn't like the fact that Matchstick was on a losing streak that showed no sign of ending. The loss of Bethenny and Jim to Primates-R-Us seemed to work wonders for the new Matchstick because the Matchsticks scored victory for the first time. On the Primates' part, Project Manager Jennifer learned the hard way that Martha really didn't like DAs. She also failed to control Jim in any way during the task so she was dismissed with extreme prejudice.

Credits. I love the title of this episode. It can describe Jim as easily as it describes the task the Apprenti have to carry out in this episode.

The show opens to a shot of the Statue of Liberty, although the significance of that scene is beyond me. Maybe it's some subtle "Martha is free, biatches!" statement to her detractors. At the Loft, the Apprenti are waiting to see who would come back from the conference room, Jim or Jennifer. Sarah, Carrie, and Howie are talking about Jim. Sarah goes on about how Jim offended potential customers during their last task but Carrie tells her that should someone be able to control Jim, Jim would be a strong member for their team. Meanwhile, Howie just sits there, looking unhappy. That guy hasn't looked happy since the Primates lost, that poor dear, and I fear that if he didn't buck up and stop dwelling on defeat and Jim so much, he would eventually do himself in on this show. Carrie tells the camera that Jim was "beaten up" in the conference room, which is definitely not true since anyone who watched the last episode can testify that it is Jennifer who was soundly beaten blue black, so to speak, by Martha. Carrie thinks that Jim has to "bring it" if Martha is ever going to hire him. Again, that is not true because there's no way Martha will risk the image of her company by hiring someone who is hated by nearly everyone who watches this show. Okay, that won't be too many people, I suppose, judging from the ratings the show is getting, but Jim's behavior isn't by any stretch executive material, to use Martha's favorite phrase.

The door opens and a deliberately solemn Jim walks back into the Loft. Sarah, whom I think has been elected Project Manager before Martha later came in and pretty much made Jim the Project Manager, approaches Jim and asks him whether he can put everything behind him and contribute to the team. The funny thing is, I have a hunch that Jim has indeed done that - because he really didn't care about Jennifer - while it is the likes of Sarah who couldn't do the same. Jim then goes into this hilariously over-the-top mode where he tells Howie, Carrie, and Sarah that he is so sad that Jennifer is gone because, you know, he told her not to bring him inside the conference room. Carrie pipes up to say that there was no way Jim wasn't going into the conference room. Jim shrugs that off, as if he can't help being so brilliant that anyone who drags him into the boardroom will be dismissed because they are nothing but dust when compared to him. To the camera, Jim crows that nobody on his team is prepared to face him or see where he is coming from and repeats one more time in his cartoonish manner that he is going to win, come what may. Oh, Jim. If he lets the viewers into the joke, I may even like him better. He's not going to fool me into thinking that he genuinely wants to work for Martha and I would be offended that he would even try if he isn't so entertaining to watch.

At that point, the door buzzer begins to go, "Bzzzzzzt!" Who could it be? It's Martha, of course, and she must be either pressing her elbow against the buzzer or she's one impatient woman because she keeps pressing the buzzer non-stop until Howie, followed by the curious Ryan who can't get enough of Howie's manly scent, opens the door for her. Martha comes in and the Apprenti try to look happy to see her. She tells them that she is about to go home when she decides to drop by to see how the Apprenti are doing. It's most amusing that Martha immediately starts criticizing the Loft (the rosemary, she points out, is dying) and wanting to know who does what (Howie does the trash, if you want to know). This is made even funnier with Marcela's gushing about how thrilled she is to be this close to Martha interspersed with scenes of Martha inspecting the Loft like a super-critical landlord. Howie rushes off to tidy up his bed when Martha announces that she wants to see the bedroom, telling the camera that his wife had warned him that he was a slob and if he wasn't careful, Martha would drop by and see what a slob he is. He initially assumed that what his wife said would never happen, but he knows better now! Upon seeing the sleeping arrangements, Martha wonders aloud how the Apprenti can live in the Loft with so little privacy and adds that the Loft reminds her of when she was in Alderson. The Apprenti laugh nervously because they don't know what to make of Martha's sense of humor. Martha doesn't say anything about upgrading their Loft. I guess she believes that these Apprenti deserve to live in such horrible conditions.

Martha spots Jim and challenges him in her oh-so-polite manner to be the Project Manager for the next task. I guess that deep down inside, Martha doesn't feel entirely comfortable with keeping Jim over Jennifer and she wants Jim to prove him wrong or give her an opportunity to send him packing. Either way, that's fine with me. Jim of course says that he is ready to be Project Manager. Martha wonders whether there will be mutiny among the Primates when Jim is Project Manager. Sarah pipes up passionately to declare that no mutiny will ever happen because they are all a team. Yes, they don't do mutinies, these people, they just keep quiet and let others take the fall. Having said what she has come to say, Martha then takes her leave. Jim announces to the camera unnecessarily that he is the new Project Manager of the Primates. "I will be Babe Ruth right now. I'll point to the walls. I'll hit that homer!" he declares to the camera. After all, he should know as much as you and I: if his team loses, he's as good as gone.

In the morning, Martha poses with a pair of garden shears and a bush for the camera as she calls up the Loft. Leslie answers the phone. Martha wants them to meet her at her Connecticut studio at 9:00 am, where apparently she has some photoshoots to attend. Later, the two teams take separate vehicles to get there, and Ryan's nifty if not-so-considerable package makes a special guest appearance. But I'm sure size isn't as important as how he uses it, eh, Howie? As she waits for the Apprenti to show up, Martha and her buddy Marc Marone, who hosts some animal-oriented TV show I've never seen or heard of called Pet Keeping, have a very staged and stilted scene where they both gush about the beauty of keeping pets and how every household should have a pet. Can I cut in here to say that only households who can afford to have a pet to do so? There are enough abused and badly neglected pets in this world already. Martha's rather frightful doggie "Francesca Blackbird AKA Raven" makes an appearance too. Marc points out that the pet industry in America rakes in 34 billion dollars a year. Ooh, I have this urge to start selling puppies by the dozen right now.

The Apprenti finally show up and with the exception of Bethenny who seems to be in rapture when she finds herself surrounded by cute dogs, cats, and other adorable critters, they seem to be unimpressed by those critters. I'm sure they will pretend to like pets the way they pretend to like Martha when they realize that they too can get a share of that 34 billion dollar pie if they start selling doggies by the dozen. Except Marcela, whom I believe is genuinely thrilled just to breathe the same oxygen as Martha. Martha explains to the Apprenti that their next task is to work with celebrities (each team is assigned four celebrities or sets of celebrities) to create a "personal experience" involving the celebrities and their pets. For example, the celebrity can offer to have dinner with the person who won the auction bid and this person can bring her dog along too. I don't think naughty home videos involving said celebrity, a big Labrador, and the person who won the bid will do, though. Martha won't approve of these, surely. These "experiences" will then be auctioned off at the upcoming Beneful Celebrity Dog Auction in order to make some animals at homeless shelters everywhere happy. It's not a bad cause, of course, although a part of me wishes that the money would be going to homeless people or victims of natural disasters. This part where Martha explains the task to the Apprenti is very obviously dubbed with voice-overs, by the way, so I can only wonder what Martha really said to the Apprenti in that actual moment.

Jim shouts to the camera that Primates-R-Us can't lose because they have an incredible set of celebrities to work with. Eh? Let's see, they are Paul Sorvino and his daughter Amanda (that counts as one, kinda like Martha and Alexis Stewart), Susan Lucci, John Lithgow and Joanna Gleason (they count as one too, maybe because they are in some play together), and Todd Oldham. Marcela, the Project Manager for Matchstick, tells the camera that the Matchsticks will be working with Chad Pennington (Howie's Enemy #1), Fran Drescher, the Hairspray musical folks Bruce Vilanch and Jordan Ballard (they count as one in a supersized celebrity combo), and Merv Griffin.

Marcela decides to split Matchstick into two and each team will talk to two celebrities on their list. Marcela, Amanda, and Dawna first approach Fran Drescher, where Amanda asks to be allowed to lead the negotiations because she has had melanoma (a form of eye cancer) and she is sure that bringing this up will allow Fran, who had uterine cancer, to feel some bond with her. It's hilarious that Fran obviously doesn't care about Amanda's tale of triumph. With an expression of boredom, over Amanda's babbles that she isn't paying attention to, Fran just goes, "Oh! Wow! And you still have your eye! Good for you!" Amanda and Dawna negotiate with Fran to allow the person who wins the bid to make a guest appearance on Living With Fran (wait, that show is not cancelled yet?) as well as a tour of the set. Marcela sits aside and listens. Hey, there's Alexis! She's sitting and listening too! I wonder what is going on inside Alexis' head.

Dawna tells the camera that Marcela didn't say anything, blah blah blah, not a proactive leader, yadda yadda yadda, but come on, if Marcela takes over the negotiations, she'd be complaining that Marcela didn't give Amanda a chance to tell Fran about her melanoma. Marcela tells the camera that Dawna and Amanda have some effective and spontaneous working camaraderie that understandably doesn't include her and she could have said more in order to make her presence known, but in this case, she chooses not to because Dawna and Amanda are already doing so well on their own. That's understandable. I am more interested to know whose bright idea it is to make Marcela, who isn't exacly Ms Outgoing, the Project Manager of a task that requires interaction with people. Do these people want to lose?

Martha's Moral of the Week time. Martha talks about how animals can be used to light up a photoshoot of a home. That's nice if I'm a photographer thinking of using doggies as props in my latest photoshoot, I suppose.

Ryan, David, and Leslie in the meantime head over to meet NFL guy Chad Pennington, where Ryan can barely contain his slobber as he gives Chad his piercing stalker stare that is ten times more intense than the one he gave Donald Trump's latest trophy wife. Ryan even tells the camera that he and Chad would have been good friends if they didn't live on separate parts of the country. Ryan forgets to mention other obstacles in their future friendship, such as Howie breaking every bone in Chad's body in a fit of jealousy. Ryan asks Chad whether the person who wins the auction bid can see Chad in the locker room. I'm sure you and I both know that when Chad says yes, Ryan will bid everything he has and take out a huge loan from some scary Vegas loan sharks just to see Chad in the locker room. Alas, Chad says that the locker room is some sort of sacred territory because these NFL players don't want people to realize that many of these NFL players actually have very small penises. Ryan and Leslie manage to get Chad to agree to dinner before a ball game and a good seat in the game thrown in as well. Oh, and Chad's dog will show up for dinner just to satisfy the pet connection. David stands there and listens. Charles is watching these three and he tells the camera that David is just standing there, looking as if he isn't sure what he is supposed to do. Come on, Charles, maybe David is just waiting with pen and notepad at hand to take down orders for lunch.

The Primate team of Jim, Howie, and Carrie meet Paul and Amanda Sorvino, where these three crack enough bad jokes about Paul's typecasted role as a mobster with gun that I'm sure poor Paul must be wishing that he indeed has a gun in his hand at that very moment. Jim negotiates with Paul (Amanda is telepathically conversing with Alexis at that moment) to allow the dog of the person who wins the bid to get a role on his upcoming movie. What happens if that person doesn't own a dog but a, say, crocodile? Oh well, I always wanted to see Paul Sorvino wrestling with a crocodile. Anyway, Jim tells the camera that everybody wants to see his or her dog immortalized on film so yeah, he's going to win.

The other three Matchsticks meet up with Susan Lucci in a very pink pet boutique where they manage to get Susan to agree into sparing some time to shop and enjoy the spa with the winner of the bid. Their pets will come along too so that the poor doggies won't feel left out. Elsewhere, Jim, Howie, and Carrie are talking John Lithgow and Joanna Gleason into allowing the winner of the bid to have a small walk-on role during a crowd scene towards the end of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Jim crows to the camera that this is another one of those thingies that people will no doubt pay zillions of dollars to experience. Everyone wants to be the anonymous person in that crowd on stage that the audience can only make out with the use of a pair of binoculars, after all!

Dawna and Amanda (with Marcela sitting quietly by the sidelines) try to get Bruce Vilanch and Jordan Ballard to integrate the winner of the bid into Hairspray but Bruce is adamant that this person can do anything except getting on stage. He probably doesn't want to spoil the scenery of his play. He and Jordan finally agree on giving the winner of the bid good front row tickets, rehearsal visit, and dinner with the cast. Dawna and Amanda try to get these two to offer one of their holiday homes to the winner as well in terms of lodging during the visit and Bruce offers a room in his mother's place. Heh. Amanda tells the camera that Marcela once more remained very quiet during the negotiations. I don't know, really: the Project Manager doesn't have to necessarily lead in everything, right? Will Amanda like it if Marcela commandeer the entire negotiation? Elsewhere, Ryan and Bethenny are in negotiations with Merv Griffin when Merv gets distracted by David using a laptop while the negotiations are going on. He demands to know whether David is visiting a chatroom. David points out that he's just taking down notes. Merv doesn't look too pleased with this and takes at least one more jab at David for the rest of the negotiations. His famous doggie Charlie Chan is too adorable for words and he bonds with Ryan, that lucky dog. Charles, who is watching the proceedings, take note of David's admittedly gauche flaunting of the laptop while Ryan tells the camera that David is inexperienced when it comes to behaving in a professional setting.

Then again, David is listed as an "Internet Company Co-Owner". If he's like many of these typical Internet folks, he'd start a business in his teens and these people are some of the most horrifically inept people I've come across when it comes to dealing with people. Many of them do not listen to their customers. It's not because they are stupid or nasty people, mind you, although there are some out there who obviously are, it's just that many of these people are in their teens and they think they can set up a business and make plenty of money without fully understanding the complexities of running a business. They think they can program some special script and therefore they can make plenty of money. But they are ill-prepared to deal with customers, lawyers, and what-not. That's why when these people always complain that it is not fair that people don't give these 14-year old entrepreneurs a chance, I always answer by saying that a 14-year old is not mature enough to deal with the complexities of running a business. When the business deal falls through, there is no way I can recoup my losses by suing a 14-year old. This is why I always say that even if the kid is a computer genius, he should finish school first and then get some hands-on working experience before declaring himself the future Bill Gates, especially when he still uses "u", "thx u", and confuse "they're" for "their" in his supposedly professional emails to his clients.

Oh, sorry, where was I? Oh yes, David. David tells the camera that as a "tech guy", he doesn't see anything wrong in using a laptop to take down "minutes". In a way, I feel for him: it must be embarrassing to be singled out by Merv before his team mates while the camera is running for something that he usually does on a daily basis in real life. Still, sometimes a discreet pen and notepad will always be better. Merv agrees to take the winner of the auction bid to visit Scottsdale, Arizona with him, hotel lodgings provided of course. Eh? At this point, I am finding the Primates' auction offers more appealing that the ones Matchstick offers.

Later that evening, the Primates decide to visit a pub to celebrate the end of their work day. Carrie and Sarah would rather research on Todd Oldham, whom they'd meet the next day, and Carrie would prefer to see the dinner as a "working dinner". Jim, however, would rather get drunk and he acts very obnoxiously at the table, although I must point out that only Carrie and Sarah are taking offense with his behavior. Bethenny and Howie are laughing along with Jim. Jim mocks Carrie for wanting to eat, snidely wondering whether food is important to Carrie. Jim, she's not that skinny. Carrie asks him whether they will be doing any work and this earns her the response from Jim, "No, we're pretty much going to get drunk and have sex." In his confessional, Jim tells the camera that he will get drunk if he wants to because he knows that he is going home if this team loses in the Challenge so he's going to "do it full tilt". If he wins, he will think that he is invincible. Carrie and Sarah complain that there is work to be done. Jim tells the camera, "I've got, like you know, the two spinsters over here on my left, like, nibbling at my ears with their problems and their details and their freaking type-A personality - let it go!" From putting his feet on the table to insulting the waitresses to mocking Carrie and Sarah as "killjoy" and "buzzkill", Jim is on the roll. Howie is seen laughing with him. I don't think he likes Carrie and Sarah that much either, hmm. Carrie tells the camera that Jim's arrogance will one day lead to his demise. In the meantime, Jim mocks Carrie some more by pulling a face where his jaw seems to dislocate itself and his face extends to twice its original length. Am I beyond redemption if I say that I find myself laughing alongside Howie and Bethenny at the expenses of Carrie and Sarah?

When morning comes, Bethenny, Sarah, and Carrie meet Todd Oldham and get him to agree to redecorate a room of the house of the auction bid winner into a more pet-friendly version. Maybe it's just my middle-class roots showing but I'd rather bid on this particular lot than to spend time in a hotel room with Merv Griffin (eeuw) or being Anonymous Crowd Member #556 on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, although having my dog on a Paul Sorvino movie sounds great too. Carrie tells the camera that Jim is lucky to have team mates willing to be smart and talented (how generous of them) and she doesn't feel that he is a good Project Manager, just a lucky one. She goes on to say that she will have mixed feelings about winning, maybe because she wouldn't be rid of Jim then. But she could have been rid of Jim if she supported Jennifer in the last conference room! That's the problem, isn't it? People so willing to keep quiet and let other people take the fall instead of stepping up and doing something about the problem?

The Auction day has arrived. Bernadette Peters introduces Martha Stewart in the audience who then proceeds to give a blessedly short speech about how happy she is to be here, contributing to Beneful Celebrity Dog Auction, with the proceeds going to some pet charity called Broadway Barks. Heh, I'm sure some Broadway critics will have a ball with that name. The Matchsticks and the Primates watch from balcony seats, armed with pens and binoculars. The auction then begins. Chad Pennington goes for, unfortunately, only $3,200. I won't be surprised if Ryan made his wife put that $3,200 bid. Paul and Amanda Sorvino on the other hand rakes in $15,000, sending shockwaves among the demoralized Matchsticks. Fran Drescher rakes Matchstick another $28,000, demoralizing now the Primates. Susan Lucci gets $3,600, not enough for the Primates to catch up. Bruce Vilanch and Jordan Ballard net $1,900. John Lithgow and Joanna Gleason bring in $8,500. Merv brings in $7,250. At this point, Jim is muttering that the Primates are done for as the Primates are $13,250 behind the Matchsticks at this point. The last lot is Todd Oldham from the Primates. What happens next is a montage of bidding scenes where this pink-clad lady plays a prominent role. Maybe she's Jim's mother, eh? I am pretty sure that the montage reuses a scene of her raising her paddle at least twice. All in the name of creating suspense, I suppose, even if in this particular instance it's a shoddy form of editing because it's too obvious to the viewer. Anyway, this pink lady pays $17,000 for her upcoming doggie room. Primates-R-Us celebrate in their balcony.

Jim crows to the camera that he has delivered a victory like he promised to so he is going nowhere. Good for him! I can't say that he is a good Project Manager since this task is controlled by whims of the people attending the auction and therefore it's hard to judge what Jim could have done better. But he delivers where it counts the most: a victory to the Primates. He knows he is in the dogseat, everyone knows it, and he manages to get himself out of it this week. But that's Jim alright. He riles people up and he pushes people's buttons, but he is smart enough to deliver where it counts all the time so that people have no real ammunition to get him dismissed by Martha.

Martha meets the two teams on the lobby where she announces that there is no reward for the winning team since, as she insists, giving back is the reward of this task. The Apprenti all agree, although I'm sure many of them are making plans inside their heads to cancel their subscriptions to Martha Stewart's magazines the moment they reach home.

Back at the Loft, Leslie and Dawna are discussing Marcela's lack of contribution as a Project Manager. The finger-pointing has already started and right on cue. Dawna whines to Leslie about how she doesn't want Marcela to be a project manager ever again and tells the camera that Marcela often asked Dawna and Amanda about whether she's doing something right. A rational person would assume that this is because Marcela respects Dawna's experience and therefore cares for her opinion, but Dawna, who has in the previous episode insisted that Marcela needed to be watched over because Marcela loved her salad dressing to be green, thinks that this is a sign that she or Amanda might as well be the Project Manager instead. What a bizarre woman. In contrast to the women who are getting ready to rip each other to shreds, the men of Matchstick are consolidating against Marcela. David approaches the bed where the shirtless Ryan is (dang bedsheets - I want to see those tattoos) and asks Ryan for advice. They both agree that Marcela is a good cook but she isn't good for much else. David tells the camera that he will do what it takes to win because he really wants to work with Martha. He intends to defend himself to Martha by saying that Marcella is the Project Manager and, er, therefore she should go, I guess. Ryan tells the camera that while he thinks that Marcela is only good in the kitchen, David didn't do much either. Marcela, who looks really striking in a Paula Abdul meets Holly Marie Combs manner (and I mean that in a good way), gets ready for the conference room. She tells the camera that she wants the job with Martha more than David and she will defend herself against David by pointing out that David has done the least overall to all the tasks he was involved in. Wait, so Dawn wasn't the laziest member in the team? Oh, and David sits on the couch and composes a list of things he will say and use against Marcela in the conference room.

Conference room time, where for some reason Charles decides that he'd run the whole thing while Martha just sits and listens. Martha asks David about the negotiations done by Matchstick and David says that he doesn't speak up much because they don't want three people to overpower the celebrity. That kinda makes sense. Charles however thinks that David could have contributed an idea that could have made the difference between victory and defeat had David spoken more. Um, David has ideas? I need some time to get used to that concept. Ryan will hold himself responsible for the flop that is Chad Pennington's package (er, the auction kind, people) but he thinks Marcela should overall be held responsible for the team's loss since she is the Project Manager, everyone's favorite euphemism for "scapegoat". Dawna agrees with him. So does Amanda, who points out that David, at least, has been Project Manager while Marcela never volunteered to be one at all. Er, so being Project Manager is one of the Great Signs of Skills now? I know Amanda is pleased that she volunteered to be a Project Manager and she won with that crappy casino Westin suite thingie of hers, but saying that David is weak but is better than Marcela because he volunteered to be a Project Manager is nonsensical.

Charles asks Marcela whether she feels like she's being ganged-up on. Marcela says that she does and goes on to say that she may be quiet but she is a "quiet force". Like what, inertia? Marcela thinks that David should be dismissed due to his inexperience and here Leslie agrees with her. Martha decides that she has had enough and she doesn't need anymore "advice" from the Matchsticks so she'll send Ryan, Leslie, Amanda, and Dawna back to the Loft before talking to David and Marcela some more. I like how Martha doesn't pander to the tradition of the Project Manager bringing in two people with him or her when she can clearly see that Marcela and David are the weakest links in this particular task. Martha goes straight to the point. I like that!

Left alone with Alexis and Charles, Martha listens as Charles tells her that Marcela hasn't been a good Project Manager. Lo, Alexis speaks! She tells Martha that she feels that David hasn't been a "good participant throughout". Charles agrees and thinks that Martha has another tough decision to make here. Charles and Martha banter a little about Charles always being there for her when she needs advice, a surprisingly cute scene given how contrived these two can come off as on the TV screen at times, before Martha calls Julia to send Marcela and David back inside. Julia obliges, her bemused "You may be on TV but I'm good enough to be hired by Martha!" smile always in place.

Martha takes on a different tangent when it comes to David and Marcela. At this point, I believe that she doesn't think that either of them did a good job and the only criteria she will use to base her impending decision on is whether the person will make a good candidate for employment. That is why she asks David why he wants to work for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, I suspect. Martha sees this show as a genuine job interview. David brings up how he wants to work with the Internet division of MSLO, pointing out that Martha's website isn't at the top of search results for "recipes", for example, and saying that he can help strengthen Martha's hold on the Web and give the visitors to her website the "full" Martha Stewart experience. I doubt a simulated stay at Alderson is part of that experience. Martha asks Marcela the same question as well. Marcela points out that she is a big fan of Martha and has been collecting every issue of Martha's magazines since 1989. Marcela says that she wants this job all her life and she can bring to MSLO her experiences in cooking as well as publishing. She says that she knows what Martha's target audience likes and she also knows what Martha likes since she is a stalker fangirl of Martha Stewart.

And really, between David's restrictive "I am only good with the internet" answer and Marcela's "I swear, I can do this and that and this and that and then some more" response, is there any doubt that Martha will let David go and keep Marcela? Martha tells David that he is too young and inexperienced to qualify as an executive at MSLO at this time. Some people find this justification of Martha bizarre since the casting department (and Martha, if the press is to be believed) approved David to be on the show, but to me, I believe what Martha means is that David hasn't proven all this while that he can perform to Martha's expectations despite his age. Martha has previously dismissed the likes of Shawn, Dawn, and Chuckie whom she felt wouldn't make good employees so it shouldn't be so surprising that the perpetually ineffective David finally gets his walking papers. David thanks her and shakes hands with everyone before taking his leave. Marcela, looking very relieved, thanks Martha as well before making her way back to the Loft.

Charles likes David's "internet ideas" and Martha decides to write a letter to David asking him to forward these ideas to Charles. Yeah, as if David is that stupid to give these "ideas" to Martha for free. Anyway, Martha writes. It's a very nice letter. David not being a DA no doubt contributes a lot to Martha's good mood in this episode.

"Dear David, thank you for your effort and your good-natured smile. I'm afraid that for this position, you really need some more business experience. And if and when you're ready to seriously talk internet to my Internet Department, we'd love to accommodate you. I admire your entrepreneur spirit and I know you will be successful. Hope to see you again, Martha Stewart. Safe travel."

Marcela walks out of the lift and towards the Loft. She opens the door. Jim could be seen sitting on the couch and clapping when she shows up. She closes the door behind him and the dramatic trumpets come on to signify the end of this episode.

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