Treehouse (2019)

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Treehouse (2019)
Treehouse (2019)

Main cast: Jimmi Simpson (Peter Rake), Michael Weston (Lonnie), Amanda Walsh (Gwen Rake), Nancy Linehan Charles (Agnes), Julianna Guill (Kara Wheeler), Stephanie Beatriz (Elena), Shaunette Renée Wilson (Marie), Maggie Lawson (Rebecca Wheeler), Mary McCormack (Lilith), and Sophia Del Pizzo (Morgan)
Director: James Roday

It is fascinating sometimes how Hollywood thinks. “Oh, #MeToo is now a thing, so quick, let’s do something relevant so that people can give us love and tweet about us on social media!” Jason Blum must be thinking. So what do these people do for an episode about #MeToo?

Hire a guy to direct a script written by a guy, for an episode from a male creep’s point of view.

Hence, Treehouse.

The creep, Peter Rake, is of course repulsive looking because we all know only ugly men qualify as sex fiends. Hot and gorgeous men, like the men behind this episode probably see themselves as every morning as they preen into the mirror and manifest themselves as god’s gift to grateful women everywhere, never treat women badly. How brave and stunning of Jimmi Simpson to play this role, knowing that the only reason he gets this role is because he is willing to let them make him look like a days-old puddle of vomit.

In this episode, Peter gets ganged upon by a bunch of cartoon women that call themselves witches, while he screams that they are bitches because this episode is so witty like that, because he has been a sex pest to them or women that these women are close to. Yes, because women that want justice for being treated like meat by their abusers are all deranged vigilantes that have no relatable human qualities.

Worst of all is the “twist” at the end, which makes little sense. Then again, the entire episode is a horrid cartoon take on a serious issue, reducing the whole thing into a cringe-infested farce. This is made worse by the overall smug vibes emanating from every second of this whole thing, as if the men behind this turd expected women everywhere to stand up and applaud them for being so brave, so stunning, so unlike other men in Hollywood. The whole affair is just ridiculous from start to finish.

It is one thing to make self-congratulatory “Look at how noble we are!” garbage for asspats, but for heaven’s sake, at least make the end result watchable!


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