The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 25, 2002 in 1 Oogie, Film Reviews, Genre: Comedy

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The Sweetest Thing (2002)
The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Main cast: Cameron Diaz (Christina Walters), Christina Applegate (Courtney Jameson), Thomas Jane (Peter Donahue), Selma Blair (Jane Burns), Jason Bateman (Roger Donahue), Parker Posey (Judy Webb), Eddie McClintock (Michael), James Mangold (Dr Greg), Johnny Messner (Todd), Georgia Engel (Vera), Mitch Mullany (Craig), and Lillian Adams (Aunt Frida)
Director: Roger Kumble

Well, this movie proves that girls can be even more boring when being “bad” compared to the boys. American Pie has a valid excuse for its inanity – the kids are teenagers and hence can be excused for being stupid. The characters in this movie are supposedly adults. This movie makes me feel embarrassed for my own sex.

If this movie had concentrated on the searching for Mr Right plot – Christina Walters is searching for the man she believes is the right guy, Peter, only to track him down to his wedding – The Sweetest Thing might have been a better movie. But for too long it runs on one single premise alone. Okay, two – Christina Applegate’s breasts being groped by other women in a washroom in some faux-lesbian thing for the really desperately horny in the audience (if you’re that horny, why are you watching this movie and not porn?), and Selma Blair’s laundry list of how many humiliating situations a woman can be stuck in. Someone must have put a gun on Blair’s head to get her to accept this role, because I don’t understand how any actress will want to be known from now on as that “skinny chick who sucks cock and has cock stuck in her throat, haw haw haw”. The latter isn’t funny at all, as are most of the so-called jokes in this movie, mainly because they are so ineptly acted and filmed. It is as if writer Nancy M Pimental expects to cruise by from the shock values of her jokes alone, damn the story.

The women aren’t sympathetic, likable, or even remotely resembling human because they act like sleazy harassing horny toads that, were they men, they would be called the worst of all skeezeballs. So here’s the contradiction that is The Sweetest Thing: it humiliates its actresses and expects its characters to get away with nonsense because of the characters’ gender, and yet it expects me to believe that there is some feminist statement in this movie. You figure that out if you wish, I’ll just go rewatch There’s Something about Mary instead.

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