The Sweetest Tattoo by Cameron Dane

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The Sweetest Tattoo by Cameron Dane
The Sweetest Tattoo by Cameron Dane

Liquid Silver Books, $5.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-477-3
Contemporary Romance, 2008


Our heroine Kelsie Cole is a tattoo artist, hence the title of this short story, The Sweetest Tattoo. Apart from the heroine’s occupation, the rest of this novella is very familiar. Kelsie’s twin brother let his friend John McBride the use of the family cabin on the same week that Kelsie is supposed to use it. Therefore, Kelsie and John are now stuck in a tree, okay, cabin, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. They get on each other’s nerves, but you know how they are. Closed proximity, that kind of thing. By page 10, they are already getting down to business. I can only conclude that they intend to make the most of the one week they intend to spend in the cabin.

Okay, so there is nothing too surprising or out of the ordinary with Cameron Dane’s story, although the sex scenes here are more explicit than any of the Harlequin Blaze stuff with a similar premise. The characters are likable and don’t get on my nerves too much even if they are familiar types and they seem to be following a script that I have come across many times before. I know what I am getting five pages into this story and I’m pretty sure most people out there will too. But with The Sweetest Tattoo being a pleasant and most readable kind of comfort read, there isn’t really much in this story to object to.

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