The Best Man by Ella Ardent

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The Best Man by Ella Ardent
The Best Man by Ella Ardent

Circe Books, $2.99, ISBN 978-1476222882
Contemporary Romance, 2012

Okay, let’s just do the whole tale as old as time shtick and let this be over with. We all know the drill.

Christine loves Jake. He’s her best friend’s brother. She’s the maid of honor, he’s the best man, and they are off to a Caribbean wedding. Well, lucky for Christine, Jake has always wanted them to be more than friends too. That’s convenient. Less effort needed to present a love story! They already want one another bad, now let’s have them snog.

Oh, and we need some semblance of grand finale, so let’s have the usual That Lying Ho thing to show up and have Jake act like a brat because he’s somehow offended that Christine isn’t an X-Man that can read his mind. Then they decide that they are really in love and it’s the end.

I can only wonder where these two will end up, once they are back to their usual lives and have to deal with stress and what not.

The Best Man by Ella Ardent is like every other story of its kind, with an eye-rolling throwaway drama late in the story for what I suppose is “exciting conflict”. Nothing here really surprises or intrigues me, and I think I yawn a few times while reading it. The other times I don’t yawn are due to me eating an apple. I can give this one three oogies because the conversations flow naturally and the narrative is fine, but still, meh.

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